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What is a shero and how do I become one?

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You may have heard of the word ‘shero’ but did you know that this term is not quite as new as you think it might be? In fact, it is over 180 years old! The term was coined in 1836 during the suffrage movement when women stood up for their right to vote. The term shero describes a woman who is admired or idealised for her bravery, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities – in short, a heroine.

Take a close look and you can find sheroes in all aspects of life. Whether it is the hard-working single mother, the successful female entrepreneur, or a young girl who’s taken it as her responsibility to save the earth’s environment, powerful women are inspiring us daily with their courage to stand up for what they believe in. A shero can derive from any age group, background, and country in the world. What makes her an empowered woman comes from within, not with money or status.

To help you become your own shero, FTD has gathered nine tips from inspiring women like Ariana Huffington or Greta Thunberg to show you what it takes. Sheroes promote the good for humanity, they are unapologetically themselves and they understand the importance of balance. Sheroes practice self-love and show respect to others. They don’t fear obstacles, lead by example to inspire others and trust in themselves and the process. Sheroes are authentic, flexible and most importantly everyone can become one.

If you embrace these unique character traits, you will soon find yourself an empowered individual sparking inspiration in others. Find your own way to adopt these qualities and don’t rush yourself. Change doesn’t come easy but it’s going to be well worth it. Start small by picking a trait that you know you can improve and see how it affects your life and the people around you.

Be the one who supports other women by pushing them to become better versions of themselves and fellow champions for gender equality. Think of the sheroes in your life, your mother, grandmother, sister, teacher, or co-worker and thank them for being a role model to girls and women.

What is a shero infographic

What is a shero to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Career CamelWhat is a shero and how do I become one?

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