Get yourself out of a careers rut

11 ways to get yourself out of a careers rut

No matter how hard you work to achieve your goals in your career and in your personal life, sometimes you can find yourself stuck in a rut. It can be difficult to recognise when this happens, as your situation can very gradually shift to leave you feeling unsatisfied and frustrated, and this can mean that we find ourselves trapped and struggling to get yourself out of a careers rut.

To do so, you first need to be able to know the signs of trouble, one of which is where you end up spending a lot of your time daydreaming of escaping from your job or life, on vacation or just escaping in general. There’s nothing alarming about looking forward to some time off in the sun, but if it’s occupying your mind all the time, you clearly aren’t getting the excitement you need from your daily life.

One way you can start to lift yourself out of this particular rut would be to make the effort to inject some spontaneity into life, like leaving work early or going exploring a new area. You don’t need an expensive exotic vacation to enjoy life, so why not start looking for the little ways you can bring more excitement to your 9-5 routine?

Another warning sign can be that you feel like you’re going nowhere in your career. It’s a familiar feeling for many of us as we see colleagues progressing while we remain stuck in the same role, no matter how hard we try. But sometimes we can be the problem, holding ourselves back instead of pushing forwards towards defined goals, so try getting out of your comfort zone and see what you can achieve.

Feeling stuck in a rut is a trap that’s even easier to fall into now than it ever have been. We all use social media to project the most successful versions of ourselves to the world, which can lead to very real feelings of inadequacy and failure when we compare ourselves to these virtual versions of friends and colleagues. So shift the focus away from them and onto looking after yourself instead, do something positive for yourself every day instead of worrying about what you haven’t achieved.

There are lots of other signs that you might be stuck in a rut, but the good news is that they all come with possible solutions that can help you get your life back on track. This infographic from NetCredit has all the answers for you, so why not make a start on getting out of that rut today?

Get yourself out of a careers rut infographic

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