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Trade in an outrageous celebrity spend for real life experience

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With thousands of pounds at your disposal, where would you go and what would you do? Round-the-world trips? Volunteering abroad for a cause you’re passionate about? Trek through the rainforest or skydive somewhere extraordinary?

In today’s competitive job industry, employers will always look out for candidates who can offer something extra, whether that’s a skill developed after a lot of hard work, or a fresh perspective that has been gained through an enriching volunteering project abroad.

Tracy Durrant, managing director of ABL Recruitment, stresses that various experiences will demonstrate different skills to employers:

“Travelling for, say, two to three months enables you to demonstrate how organised you are, your planning skills, your ability to budget, and what you have learned about yourself from the experience.

“A longer trip, however, for three months plus or a year out, has to be underpinned by some bigger purpose such as charitable work, work experience or for paid work; more than just travelling for a gap year.”

Not everyone has the opportunity to see the world as much as they want. For the same amount as some of these outrageous celebrity spends that have been picked out by giffgaff, you could throw yourself completely out of your comfort zone and gain the skills/experience that prospective employers are looking for.

$2,000: Gigi Hadid’s Met Gala manicure


The Met Gala always sees celebs clamouring to be the best-dressed attendee, or certainly the most-talked-about. Gigi Hadid took matters literally into her own hands at this year’s Manus x Machina event, with a jewel-encrusted metallic manicure that was bound to make headlines, costing £1,500.

This money could have taken her to India for seven weeks to volunteer as a medical student, or study photography in Barcelona for a week. Life experience: nailed.

$5,000: Kylie Jenner’s Cartier Love bracelet


Many of us are guilty of saying that we ‘can’t live without’ certain items, but it seems that Kylie Jenner might mean this literally when it comes to her Cartier bracelet – she hasn’t taken it off for four years!

It cost her just shy of £4,000, which could alternatively take you to Cambodia to teach for nearly two months. Sticking in the same area of the world, you could even spend six weeks in Thailand to volunteer in a rescue centre!

£24,320: Sam Thompson’s Hydeout bar bill


Imagine spending just shy of the average annual UK salary on one night out. That’s exactly what Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson did in January, hosting a party at Watford’s Hydeout bar that cost £24,320.

That same amount could have funded various projects in South Africa, such as eight months of eco-training or a year of volunteering with children and animals.

£30,000: Princess Charlotte’s white gold rattle


Not many people can remember what they were given for their first birthday, but this is one present that Princess Charlotte is sure to remember forever! This May, she received a white gold rattle covered in diamonds and sapphires from the New York-based Natural Sapphire Company, costing £30,000.

For something a little bit different, £30,000 can fund 16 trips to explore the surrounding peaks of Mount Everest, five months in Belize participating in marine conservation projects, or 10 months in Italy learning the fine art of watercolour painting.

$83,960: Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ wardrobe


Many artists use their music videos as a chance to wear incredible designer outfits, but Beyoncé took this one step further when she spent what Harper’s Bazaar estimated to be £63,284 on her wardrobe for ‘Formation’.

Looking as good as you sound is one thing, but that money could have let her trek through the Malaysian jungle 60 times, or volunteer to help the wildlife in Kenya for three whole years.

$350,000: Drake’s McLaren car


Topping our list of extravagant celebrity spends is the most outrageous of them all: a McLaren 675LT, purchased by Drake for a staggering £263,812.

True, this is one of just 500 models made, but what else could that have bought?

Suffice to say, this kind of money is a big deal. It can fund two trips around the world, including a stop in every single country, or nine complete undergraduate degrees from UK universities. If you’ve got 25 years you want to fill, it could also pay your way through building wells and schools in Madagascar.

The best things in life may be free, but seeing and doing incredible things in equally incredible places unfortunately comes with a price tag.

Whether you’d rather immerse yourself in the culture of a village half-way across the world, or indulge in luxury a little bit closer to home, it is what we see and do in our lives that make us truly rich, not a manicure, car, or wardrobe full of designer clothes.

Employers are always on the lookout for candidates with a diverse range of skills and set of life experiences, and such attributes can only be gained by going out into the world and giving something back to the community. As Tracy Durrant says:

“With a large pool of candidates, travelling or working abroad can give you the edge over your competition. This is particularly vital for those people who don’t always know what career they want to take in an increasingly complex job market.”

Take the plunge – we guarantee you won’t regret it.

What would you trade for real life experience? Tell us in the comments section below.

Photo: Noodles and Beef / Flickr

Career CamelTrade in an outrageous celebrity spend for real life experience

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