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Five often overlooked traits in potential new employees

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If you run a great business, a top priority is going to be to hire the very best employees, and there is quite a bit riding on the choices you make. The decision you make reflects on your success as a business owner and manager, and the fortunes of your entire business. If you have new employees who perform well, your business will receive a huge boost. If they don’t, your business will suffer. To make the decision easier, consider the five often overlooked things to consider when hiring a new employee.

A positive attitude

If you want to know if a job candidate can be trained, consider their demeanour. Does the person have an attitude of a “go-getter?” Are they enthusiastic and excited about the job prospect? People like this are going to be easier to train than those who are not as eager or excited about the position.

Unique educational accomplishments

While having a business degree is a great accomplishment, it is also a common one. Try to find potential employees who have achieved unique educational achievements, such as an online Master of Science in Applied Psychology. These unique educational accomplishments can allow them to shed new light on old problems for your business.

Problem-solving capabilities

Trainability and resourcefulness go hand in hand. A huge part of any job is being able to handle problems when they arise. Be sure to ask specific questions about potential problems and see how they answer and their attitude about the whole situation. Do they seem eager to tackle it head on? Or, hesitant about what to do?

Passion about the job

If a person has passion toward a certain position or job, they are going to be more fully invested in it. Passionate workers are the ones who will persevere through rough times. They will follow through on commitments and promptly complete any assignment given. No matter how much education and experience someone has, without passion, they won’t excel as far.


When a potential new employee is curious about the business, how it works, their potential role, it means they are eager to learn. This is a trait that is often dismissed or not considered at all when it comes to hiring someone. However, it should not be overlooked since a curious person will make a great employee.

Using the tips here will help you make educated decisions regarding who to hire. Finding someone with these traits may even give you a boost over your competition since you will have such a unique worker on your team.

Can you think of any more overlooked traits in potential new employees? Tell us in the comments below.

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Rachelle WilberFive often overlooked traits in potential new employees

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