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Four degrees which lead to creative careers

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When choosing what to get a degree in, many people feel they must put their creative urges away. However, there are plenty of qualifications which allow individuals to exercise their creativity in jobs after they leave university. Here are four degrees which give graduates a multitude of creative careers to think about.

Instructional design

A degree in instructional design allows graduates to use their skills to create course materials for different job functions and classes. This degrees allows for versatility since companies across the world need instructional designers to create and implement their curriculum. Instructional designers can work for big banks or small startup companies. Those who work in instructional design use their creativity by writing courses, setting up web design, and creating visuals for participants. Whether a graduate’s creativity lies in writing or artwork, instructional design is a good choice.

Music education

Those who enjoy music and want to spend their life working in music need look no further than a degree in Music Education. This degree is versatile and leaves graduates qualified for the following jobs: private music teacher, public or private school music teacher, performer, music librarian, composer, choir director, and much more. A music degree allows many people to set their own schedules, work from home, or seek employment in different areas or countries. The best part is continuing to nurture a passion for music in everyday life.

English degree

The first thought that comes to mind when many people think of an English degree is of the grammar police coming to town. However, English degrees are ideal for those with creative minds. There is always the option of using an English degree to teach at the primary, secondary, or college level, but that is only the beginning of what those with an English degree can do. Writing, editing, publishing and other jobs in the field of communication are open for English graduates. The diversity of the English degree also gives graduates many opportunities to work from home or travel depending on their desire.

Graphic design

Graphic design degrees have gained popularity over the last decade due in part to their ability to land degree holders creative, fun jobs. Those holding degrees in graphic design can land jobs as web developers, art directors, software developers, and, of course, graphic designers. These jobs can offer lucrative salaries, work-at-home opportunities, and employment with established companies seeking this specific expertise.

Anyone who wants to take their creativity into their work life should consider receiving an education in these fields. Opportunities for employment are vast and varied, and graduates will feel satisfaction in fulfilling their creative desires.

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Kara MastersonFour degrees which lead to creative careers

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