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Odd jobs: six careers you never knew paid so much

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These days, many job seekers are interested in learning about career opportunities that pay well, rather than just offer a good company culture or benefits. While having a dream job that is important to you is a top choice, it’s not always financially possible. Jobs that pay well can do more for your family’s well-being and your lifestyle. It’s important to note that there are a wide variety of unusual vocations through which you can earn a substantive salary. Here are six you might not have considered.

Oil and gas diver

This position requires divers to inspect things like lay pipes and weld or oil rigs. All of the work is done underwater too! If you already have a love of diving and swimming, it could make a great fit for a career you’ll love and enjoy. It will also give you a chance to travel as this work is being done in many remote places around the world.

Master sommelier

These individuals help restaurants pair wines with meals. A major benefit of this job is that sommeliers essentially taste-test wine throughout the day. Obviously it’s a pretty tight niche and you’ll have to know your wines, but it’s a well-paying job nonetheless.

Ethical computer hacker

Individuals who hold this position are hired by companies or organisations to fix problems with computer systems by hacking into them. While the work is similar to what a criminal hacker might do, it is entirely legal and permitted by the business. You’ll be doing important work for technology in many different industries.

Voice-over artists

Voice-over artists provide the voices for cartoons, movies, TV, radio, and other entertaining forms of media. Some experienced voice-over artists can earn quite a substantial amount for just 5 minutes of work.

Commercial truck drivers

Not just licensed for a flatbed, these drivers must be trained in hauling and driving huge cargo loads. It’s definitely an unusual job, but requires a lot of travel and you’ll see many remote parts of the country. It can be dangerous work and most workers hire protection like Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants to protect their health on the road.

Personal shoppers

Personal shoppers work with clients to identify clothing that is most physically flattering for them. The individuals who choose this field should have a good sense of style. While a degree in fashion is not required, it could help make you more marketable and effective in completing your job tasks.

Elevator inspector

Elevator inspectors ensure the elevators used in commercial settings are safe. This means ensuring they are in compliance with regulatory codes for freight and passengers. They may also inspect wheelchair lift systems, moving sidewalks, and escalators. Additionally, they may investigate complaints and make recommendations for repairs.

People who are serious about finding a well-paying job should know there are a wide variety of options available. While some of the aforementioned positions may seem unusual, they may provide you with the excitement and economic stability you’re seeking!

What are the careers you never knew paid so much? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo: Connie Ma / Flickr

Brooke ChaplanOdd jobs: six careers you never knew paid so much

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