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The best nights out at Warwick

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Warwick has never been known for a rocking nightlife, and with good reason. The campus is on the edge of Coventry, so freshers face a trip into either Leamington or Coventry in order to actually have a good night (with the notable exception of Pop).

So how can you make sure you’re getting the best for your money? Luckily, the more experienced have a few words of wisdom for you, perhaps saving you a wasted night on a half-empty dance floor.


Undoubtedly the best night the SU has to offer, this is one to book ahead for. Only the strongest cheese if played all night by DJ Disco Dave, and you’ll either love it or be so drunk you can’t hate it. This is a fixture for the sports clubs, who can always be found circling and dressing up in themed outfits, although non-sports societies sometimes sneak in as well. One of the best nights out around, this is a must-do for freshers or finalists.

Kasbah Fridays

Along with the marginally less popular Monday club nights, this behemoth of a club has 3 rooms dedicated to different music, as well as some intriguing extras, such as free face-painting and a burger bar on the premises. It’s the extras that really make this a destination night out, as well as the 80p shots that you can get on a Monday night. Just watch out of Coventry students – the rivalry is real, and growing kebab shop friendships can be cut short by the revelation of where you study.

Smack Thursdays

Although this club requires you to travel to Leamington, Uni Express has got you covered. This company offers packages that cover entry and queue jump, as well as travel to and from campus, saving you the stress of a taxi at 3am. But back to the matter at hand – Smack is one of the three clubs that Leamington has to offer, and is both the grimiest and most fun. Just don’t go downstairs, unless you want to get the feel for a smelly jungle.

Smack Thursdays

Not a night out per se, but any nightlife rundown for Warwick students would be incomplete without this bar/club combo. The allure of Kelsey’s is unclear – perhaps it’s the Eliminator, a signature drink that reminds every finalist of regrets that can’t be forgotten. Or maybe it’s simply the fact that you can really let loose here without fear of judgement. Either way, this is the most fondly remembered spot for any Warwick student, so don’t miss out.

Have we missed anywhere important for nights out at Warwick? Let us know with a comment below.

Photo: Nikos Koutoulas / Flickr

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Nicholas BuxeyThe best nights out at Warwick

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