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The best Sheffield study spaces

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It’s coming towards that time of year again… and, contrary to most of this season’s fun; it is not a good time to look forward to. Now that Christmas has been and gone, it’s time to settle down and focus on exams, revision, and work.

As a second year University of Sheffield student, I’ve had my fair dosage of exams, and also the struggle of finding somewhere to sit down and revise each time. Sheffield University is huge, but the vast number of students means that finding a computer or a quiet study space can be slightly more difficult than the exam you’re trying to revise for.

The Information Commons

A basic choice – arguably the first choice for anyone who doesn’t really know Sheffield. Try the IC at unusual times and you’ll be in luck. Try the IC at a normal, human time and you will not be in luck, that much is certain. Around exam time, the IC can hold around 2000 students, and every available space will be taken. This includes chairs, tables, the floor, even the lift believe it or not. Going to the IC around evening times like I used to do is a lot easier, especially if you’re nocturnal. The trick if you’re looking to revise in the IC is to either go at 6am or to go at around 9/10pm, otherwise you will likely not get a seat at all.

Western Bank

Sheffield’s second biggest library. A lot quieter than the IC, Western Bank is also usually packed around exam time, but you’re still slightly more likely to get a seat. Venture down into the dark underground parts of this library and you’ll probably find somewhere to crack on, and it’ll be quiet too.


Although Hicks is not technically known as a revision spot, its hidden away study centres are a perfect place to revise. Filled with computers and the occasional science student, they’re relatively empty and perfect for a quiet revision session. Ask at reception for the computer rooms (there’s a few of them) and relax in the empty, quiet space that is Hicks.

The Diamond

A brand new addition to Sheffield, it is unclear how practical The Diamond will be for revision this semester. It’s huge – meaning that there should be lots of seats available. This is something of a controversy, as The Diamond is primarily meant for engineering students, but the addition of lots of niche software on its computers means it’s excellent for most departments to access too. The actual book part of the library here is relatively small, and the ground floor is open to the public, but walking through to the smaller rooms should hopefully reveal some quiet study spaces.

9 Mappin Street

Again, developed purely for a few select departments, Mappin Street is great for revision. Featuring uselessly hard sofas, small tables and a selection of computers, it is not a common choice for the standard student. It was created for Journalism and Economic students to use as their base, but due to other departments holding lectures there it has branched out over the years. Mappin Street has its downstairs as the primary revision spot, but upstairs there are a few tables dotted around on different levels, which are usually free too.

If all else fails, Sheffield is filled with lots of tiny coffee shops and green spaces, so if you’re just looking for peace and quiet (and a caffeine shot too) there will always be somewhere to sit down with your books and get on with your work. If the weather is nice, it’s good to take a change of scenery and sit outside in one of Sheffield’s many parks close to university.

Can you think of any more great study spaces at Sheffield? Let us know in the comment section below!

Photo: Flickr / Crowd Expedition

Georgie DarlingThe best Sheffield study spaces

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