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Build your life: career choices in construction

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There is a lot of demand for construction work. It is the backbone of everything structurally, and there is always a need for people to join construction firms, but a lot of people wonder if they need any formal qualification to become a construction worker. Luckily, this is not the case for a lot of construction firms, and you can generally find an entry route by looking online for “general labour” jobs. Many employers are willing to take a chance on someone who doesn’t have any experience in the industry.

Getting to work for a construction firm can be done in many ways. While you can look online to find entry level jobs, you can also enlist the help of employment agencies to find work for you. There are many temporary-work employment agencies that specialise in providing work for big construction companies that don’t ask for experience and can get you a position in a very short time-frame. These types of jobs are usually short-term, may last a few months, and once the work is completed you will very likely have to look for another job, but the agencies are able to help with this. There are usually a lot of temporary jobs, and if you show you are willing to work hard, you are likely to be offered more work. You can also register for more than one agency if the one you are with is unable to offer you anything at the moment. The other route is to become an apprentice, which gives you the benefits of working on the job with classroom-based activities, enabling you to have a good all-round level of experience in the industry.  

The life of a construction worker is incredibly diverse and varies according to the project. You could be working to construct a building that will become a restaurant, or you could be building an apartment block and anything in between. The nature of the work means that it can be risky, and you may be working in dangerous situations, or working at relatively high altitudes, especially if you are working on a project like a skyscraper. As a result, you will be trained in many health and safety practices, and you will have to wear safety equipment, like hard hats and harnesses. There is still a risk of injury in these situations, and you are within your rights to take legal action if this ever happened. There are law firms that help workers who have been injured on the job. Many firms like specialise in representing construction workers who have been injured on the job. But with the amount of safety precautions that builders now need to take means that the risk of injury is substantially less than ever before.

As far as career prospects in the industry are concerned, you can work to attain qualifications which will help you to become a foreman, or if you are aiming to become an owner or partner in a construction firm, you can go back into education to help get you the relevant degree.  

Are you looking to start a career in construction? Let us know how it is going.


Career CamelBuild your life: career choices in construction

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