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Career Camel writers’ resolutions 2015

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Everyone knows that the best way to succeed in a career is to have a goal. So we asked our blog writers to come up with their career resolutions for 2015.

Here they are below!

Ibtisam Ahmed: “Get a part-time teaching position in the second year of my PhD.”

Aysh Banaysh: “To build a PR client list that I can live off of.”

Harriet Bignell: “My careers resolution is to give myself the year after university off and stop panicking about careers! I didn’t take a gap year between school and university so have been working to achieve a certain ends for most of my life; next year is my year! I’m going to take the year off, travel, get a bit more work experience and really get this wanderlust out of my system before I settle into a certain career path.”

Nicholas Buxey: “My resolution is to try and get an internship with a print paper, and take on editorial responsibility somewhere.”

Susanna Chapman: “I am not big on resolutions, but I have some ideas for the new year. Firstly, I would like to do a three-month intolerance detox, where you don’t eat any foods you are intolerant to for three months, then you slowly re-introduce them until your body can tolerate them. Secondly, I’d like to actually sit down at home every day and do all my work for university. Thirdly, I’d like to do more dancing; but whether I re-start belly dance, or take my hip-hop to a more advanced level – we shall see!”

Sian Elvin: “I aim to get accepted onto my dream postgraduate Journalism course and find a great placement to go along with it.”

Michael Foote: “My careers resolution is to improve the way I use my time by planning weekly working timetables and to-do lists.”

Kayley Gilbert: “In 2015 I am going to write more frequently and for a wider range of publications. Also, I am going to decide on a path for further education to follow after I graduate.”

Lucinda Giles: “To pass my first year exams in the summer to progress to second year, and try and complete all of the placements recommended for first year.”

Stephanie Hartley: “To secure an editorial position at any level within six months of graduating, and to manage my time well enough to continue writing book reviews for publishing companies on my blog.”

Gemma Hirst: “By the end of 2015 I would like to pass my NCTJ exams in my Journalism course.”

Samantha Hopps: “Get a publishing internship, follow it up with a proper job, and write something for a national newspaper.”

Gabe Hurst: “My resolution… To graduate with a 2:1 or higher. And also, to learn as much about the PR industry as I can at my Easter placement.”

Andy King: “My goal for 2015 is to find a way of motivating myself in the pursuit of long-term goals (instead of falling short and only chasing short term goals).”

Fran Lowe: “In 2015 I am going to create a portfolio of everything I have done, and from that get more of an idea of what I am actually good at. Also, I’m going to start going after careers, instead of waiting for them to come to me (which, surprisingly, doesn’t happen).”

Catherine Lyon: “Sort out my CV, and find some internships!”

Helena Moretti: “I would like to have been accepted for my masters and pass my apmp qualification by the end of 2015.”

Valerie Moses: “My goal for 2015 is to obtain more writing and leadership opportunities at work, while continuing to develop my product knowledge.”

Aneesa Patel: “I would like to apply for and gain experience or jobs in a number of potential career fields. It’s easy to say that you want a certain career because you like the idea of it but without having experienced it, you won’t actually know. I’m passionate about a number of things and by pursuing experience in all areas of interest, I’ll figure out which career path fuels my passion most, if any. I’ll be able to find out if each career path lives up to my expectations seeing if it will enable me to achieve what I personally would like to within each field.”

Harley Ryley: “Achieve a place to study my masters course and attend a skill-building workshop.”

Selina Sykes: “Get to 100wpm in shorthand and get hired!”

Alex Veeneman: “I aim to keep working to expand my portfolio as well as continue to seek opportunities. It will allow for personal and professional growth.”

Edyta Wanic: “I’m hoping to prioritise my workload better and seek various personal development opportunities. I would also like to improve my IT skills and learn more about marketing techniques.”

Brenda Wong: “I would like to get to my one-year appraisal having achieved all of my Personal Development Plan goals!”

Chloe Wynne: “2015 is the year that I take the ‘study abroad’ plunge in packing up to Melbourne from the comfort of my English university. As such, with careers in mind I’m aspiring to get the most of the year in networking, field experience and part-time employment – perhaps leaving enough time for the shopping and sun lounging too!”

What do you think about our writers’ resolutions 2015? Let us know in the comments below, and tell us your career resolutions!

Photo: Scott Cresswell / Flickr

Sian ElvinCareer Camel writers’ resolutions 2015

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  • Career Camel - January 1, 2015 reply

    Well done Sian, will be great to see if we can stick with all these – nothing like putting our resolutions in a blog post for all to see!!!

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