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A careers love letter on Valentine’s Day

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Dear me (and you, so perhaps I should say, dear reader),

January was hard. Really hard. At times I know you felt like it was never going to end. But it has! Well done for getting through it, and happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a day for love, right? So here’s my advice to you, and to myself, on how to love yourself and your career this Valentine’s Day.

The thing is, me, you’re the only me I’ve got. While January made you regret every career choice you’d ever made as piles of New Year work filled your ‘to-do’ list, February is a time to cheer yourself up, and remember that you love what you do.

The card

Well, me, I think it’s time you bought yourself a Valentine’s card. No, not the sappy ones with somebody else’s sentiments in the middle. Your very own business card. Think about how you brand yourself, and learn to love that branding. Become so proud of it you want to put it on a card to give out everywhere you go, to help you network, and to remind yourself every time you take your purse or wallet out of exactly what you’re working towards.

The chocolates

Yes, me, I know you’ve been on a diet now since the first of January, and you tried the dry January and Vegan-uary and Giving-up-everything-you-enjoy-anuary but now, as it hits Valentine’s Day, it’s time to allow yourself some indulgence. Allow yourself a treat and enjoy the pick-me-up it brings. When you start again, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to attack the rest of February with gusto.

The flowers/teddy bear/other cute-but-slightly-sickening-gift

Oh me, do you think I would forget that all important soppy gift adorned with “I love you” and promises of forever? Well, actually, yes. Like, seriously, do you think I’d really do that to you, me? Now is however, the time to treat yourself. Brighten up your study space with some flowers or a candle, buy yourself a new pair of shoes for work or, and this is specifically for me, a brand new notebook with owls on it to make your to-do lists in, and enjoy the treat. January can feel never-ending, but with a new month comes new possibilities, in love and in life.

So whether your Valentine’s Day is spent hugging your significant other, or your cats, remember to fall back in love with your degree, your career and your life. Treat yourself and watch as things start to fall back into place after the January blues.

With lots of love from,

Me xxx

What would you write in your careers love letter? Let us know in the comments below!

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I’m a serial multi-tasker who loves having no spare time. Also an English Literature student.
Harley RyleyA careers love letter on Valentine’s Day

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