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Careers which can take you around the world

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If the idea of waking up in a new place every day appeals to you, getting a job with lots of travel opportunities which can take you around the world may be just what you need. Jobs that require plentiful travel aren’t limited to flight attendants either, you can teach English, become a destination photographer, or join the lorry driving industry. Although these jobs will require strong motivation and a good work ethic, and you’ll get to see new faces and sights each day.

Freelance creator

If you have skills creating digital content, such as website designs or blog articles, you can work anywhere in the world with a stable Internet connection. Travelling the world while you work may help you feel inspired and come up with new ways to work on your content. For example, taking a trip to Italy can give you first-hand information for writing an online guide to Italian museums.

Lorry driving

Working as a lorry driver gives you the chance to see new places while bringing important goods to people and businesses around the country. This job requires you to spend most of your days alone, so you’ll need to adopt a few ideas to make the solitude more bearable. Listening to audiobooks as you drive can help, and getting a television or satellite TV for semi trucks installed in your vehicle can give you more entertainment options for the evenings.

Teach English

English teachers are in high demand in many areas of the world, such as Japan, Poland, and Brazil. These jobs usually don’t require a teaching background, but a college education will probably help your chances of securing a teaching position. A willingness to share your knowledge and good people skills are a must for this job.

Destination photographer

If you have photography and art skills and an urge to expand your business, working as a destination photographer can help you explore the world. Destination weddings are growing in popularity as well, giving wedding photographers the opportunity to travel for their jobs. Sunny beaches in tropical paradises are popular locations for destination weddings.

Cruise ship employment

A job on a cruise ship can help you see the world while providing excellent service to your customers. Cruise ships need to fill a wide number of jobs that may match well with your skills and experience. These jobs include cooks, entertainers, cleaners, diving instructors, and many more.

Travelling frequently doesn’t have to be something you only dream of while working in a cubicle. Getting a job that takes you all across the globe can help you fulfil your wishes while earning a steady paycheck.¬†Use these ideas to make your skill set work for you.

What other careers can take you around the world? Let us know in the comments below if you can think of any more.

Eileen O'ShanassyCareers which can take you around the world

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