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Change your career direction for a more fulfilling job

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There are many reasons why you might become bored or dissatisfied with your current career path. You do not have to stay locked in a job you do not like. You can start trying to move into a completely new career field in another industry. Here are some of the best ways to change your career direction for a more fulfilling job.

Start acquiring training and education while still working

A new career requires formal training and education in most cases. You want to start acquiring these qualifications while you are still in your current job. You can do this though online learning, night classes or weekend courses. Acquiring the right education or training will make it very easy to change careers.

Volunteer or intern to gain experience

Experience is invaluable when trying to shift career directions. You can get experience in some cases by volunteering with companies or organisations within your target industry. Volunteering helps the company while also allowing you to improve your resume for your next job in the new career field.

Step through related jobs first

An option to change your career direction is to step through related jobs before arriving at the position you actually want. This can be easier than going directly for the desired job. This allows you to use your transferable skills and build new ones quickly while still working toward the ultimate goal of a new career direction.

Find a career coach

A career coach is a very effective way to change direction and get a more fulfilling job. A coach can provide personalised and expert advice about how to change your career direction successfully. Tall Jeff can offer personal advice and guidance that is valuable and effective.

Go through professional organisations or unions

Some career fields are governed by professional organisations or unions. You can sometimes go through these organisations in order to get training, internships and eventually jobs. The organisations can provide guidance that will get you into the new job you want.

Network with people in the new industry

A final idea is to network with people within the new industry. You could attend industry events or make connections online. Networking with already established individuals can provide you with an advantage when looking for a new job in that career field.

Changing your career direction can be a frightening and uncertain time. You can do it with persistence, research and some expert help. It will be well worth the effort once you arrive at a job that makes you happy and that is more fulfilling.

Do you have any tips on how to change your career direction successfully? Tell us in the comments below.

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Anita GinsburgChange your career direction for a more fulfilling job

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