Could you teach others about what you do?

Careers can take you in many different directions. No teenager can be absolutely certain what they want to do with their life, but they might have a good idea. Still, by the time you reach retirement, you might be very surprised to see where you have ended up! No career path is set in stone. Each job and each qualification can open up new ways ahead. They can even lead to interesting alternatives you never considered before – like teaching!

Did you know that one of the best ways to learn something solidly is to teach it? Teaching might not be on your agenda as a career. Working in schools with children and teenagers isn’t what we’re looking at here, though. Instead, consider how you would train or teach someone to do your job? Have you had that opportunity yet? Perhaps you’ve mentored a new starter in your company? Or maybe you’ve just had to show someone how to operate a piece of equipment?

For every professional role you take, there will be a requirement to teach someone something about it. You might not end up becoming the company trainer or a University professor. But there are roles in many areas of work that specialise in training others how to do a job. One area that will always need to educators is nursing.

Nurse educators provide ongoing training and support to nurses. They have usually come from a nursing background themselves. Over the years, they gained confidence and experience in their role. Perhaps they often found themselves mentoring new recruits. As a nurse, you could continue your studies and complete an MSN NE. Qualified Nurse Educators have many responsibilities. They are likely to deliver training that ensures continued good practice and standards for nurses everywhere.

Teachers tend to be problem solvers first. They think about why certain things work in some situations but not others. This applies to students too. Why does one student understand a concept yet another in the same class doesn’t? Good educators find the best ways to deliver information and training to every type of learner. Many teachers stumble into this type of role by accident, by having a natural gift for conveying ideas. Further education and training can refine your skills and give you the toolkit you need to help everyone.

When you first started with your current employer, who taught you to do your job? Did they teach you well? Did you learn everything you need to know? If you didn’t how did you master everything on your own? Reflecting on teaching practice (your own and others) helps you to become a better educator or trainer. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in.

Of course, from delivering teaching, you might be interested in developing entire courses of training! Manuals and delivery materials will need to be created. And yes, this can be quite a creative job. It doesn’t matter what job you’re in today. Just imagine the possibilities of where you could end up in the future? Are you ready to teach others what you do?

Have you ever taught someone? How was the experience?

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