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Dealing with revising for 13 different subjects at once

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That time of year is coming around again – pens are losing their ink faster than you ever thought they could (not to mention how much paper you’re getting through) and the pressure is really on to scrap any free time for frantic revision.

The hardest part about revising for your GCSEs is the fact that there are simply so many things you need to learn for so many subjects. Plus you don’t even like half of them.

But do not despair; there are a few nifty tricks to make the next month or two less painful without simply giving up on revision in a pile of stress.

Make a timetable

Stick it up in the same room as wherever you work and buy stickers so that you can remember exactly what bits you’ve completed. Aim to do four hours or so a day, and include times of the day so that you can split it into half hour chunks if you wish and remember to eat/sleep!

Do not revise one subject for an entire day/week

The idea of doing so may seem good in theory, but when you come along to your least favourite subject, the idea of doing so may seem so daunting that you end up not revising for it at all really (we’ve all been there). Split up a four hour day into hours, half hours, or a combination of both and choose a different subject for each slot.

Allocate your time according to your strengths

If you’re really good at chemistry but just can’t get your head around English, you’re going to need to spend more time on the latter. When you create your timetable split the 28 hours or so for the week into appropriate lumps so that you focus on your weak points. However, again, make sure there is adequate time for all of them, so that you don’t forget about any.

Make time for past papers

As exam dates get closer, print off a few past papers, for each subject and try and do at least one a week for each subject. Yes this does sound like it’s going to make your life completely miserable, but as you do more past papers they will feel easier.

Finally, remember to eat well, drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep. The temptation during revision periods to live off of whatever takes the minimal amount of effort to make is ever present, but the energy you gain from eating well will make putting the time in worth it.

How did you cope with revising for 13 different subjects at once? Let us know in the comments.

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Stephanie HartleyDealing with revising for 13 different subjects at once

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