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Enhance your CV by learning these amazing skills

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Do you want your CV to stand out from the crowd? There is one instant way to do that – learn a new skill! In this blog post, let’s go over some of the best skills that can light up your CV. You’ll be surprised which ones can give you a boost! And the best thing is, most of these can start off as hobbies. Want to enhance your CV with a new skill? Read on to learn which ones count!

Learn A Language

Do you love travelling? Why not combine it with learning a language! If you learn a language, you’ll find it easier when travelling and discovering a new culture. It’ll also help you mix with the locals during your trip! But employers love languages as well. Especially if you have learnt it in your spare time, as it shows a special dedication. It could even help you get specific jobs that require you to know a foreign language, such as a translator.

Hone Your Photography

If you have always dreamt of an artistic career, it could pay to become more skilled in photography. Being good at photography requires you to have a keen eye for detail, something many employers in the creative industry are looking out for. Not too hot with your camera? No worries; you can start bettering your skills now. Take part in a Photography Workshop if you want to get better quickly.

Money Skills

Money makes the world go round! And that is certainly the case with businesses. If you have money skills on your CV, it certainly won’t be going in the bin anytime soon! Of course, you can’t just write down that you are good with money. You need to have examples. Do you have a part-time or weekend job in a bar or shop? Make sure you mention this, especially if you handle money and deal with transactions.

IT Skills

Almost every job requires a basic knowledge of computers and IT. If you aren’t too comfortable on a computer, it is a good idea to get to know one now. Because employers will expect to see computer skills on your resume. List any IT projects you had to do at school or college. If you have your very own website or blog, remember to mention that too. That will show that you also know about HTML and basic web design.

People Skills

Even though many jobs are very technologically based these days, you still need to have good people skills. You should have a personable demeanour, especially if the job you are applying for is a customer-facing role. One of the best ways to demonstrate your people skills on your CV is to mention any previous customer service roles and responsibilities. Even if you only have limited experience working with customers, you should still mention it. Every little helps!

Once you include these skills on your CV, you’ll find more career opportunities open up to you. Good luck with the job hunt!  

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Have you impressed an employer with any particular skills? Let others know below.

Career CamelEnhance your CV by learning these amazing skills

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