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Finding a new job in all the right places

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When it comes to searching for your ideal job, chances are you’ll typically scour the big-name recruitment websites. While that is bound to offer you plenty of opportunities, don’t forget that thousands of others are doing the exact same thing. The key to finding a job is to look in places that aren’t always discussed.

Networking the old fashioned way

Technology allows us to connect faster than ever before however when it comes to networking, nothing beats face-to-face communication. The old fashioned way. Building a great diverse base of relationships will help you in more ways than one. Not only will expanding your circle of friends lead you to new career opportunities, but also you’ll be able to rely on those new connections once you are in the workplace. Make time to attend industry-related events, introduce yourself to people at training workshops and don’t forget to let your friends know that you are seeking a new job.


Becoming a volunteer is very rewarding. What you may not have considered though is the enormous benefits that volunteering at a workplace you desire to become a part of will bring. Offering your services will give you the best chance to see exactly what goes on behind closed doors so you can know for sure whether it’s the right organisation for you. It also gives management the chance to see who you are. Resumes are one thing, but seeing how someone actually performs on the job is priceless. And it’s obligation-free.

Find a job onGumtree

An online classified site is probably not a place you’d ever consider looking for a job, however is one of the best solutions. Sites such as Gumtree have hundreds of casual, part-time and full-time opportunities on offer in a huge range of industries. With new roles being advertised daily, it’s definitely well worth bookmarking and returning to regularly. Consider using the site to promote yourself too. There are always businesses on the lookout for the perfect candidate. Upload your CV for free, share details about yourself and the work you want and sit back and let a job come to you!

Social media

Social media offers enormous opportunities. Businesses use it to set up shop and it’s a fabulous platform to chat with other professionals and seek employment. LinkedIn would be the most appropriate when it comes to seeking professional roles.  Establishing a profile is free and the perfect place to share career and education achievements to date. Join groups and connect to those who have the same interests and seek and apply for jobs that businesses advertise.

Taking control of your career means you can steer yourself in the direction you want to go. With competition so fierce these days and recruitment managers typically receiving hundreds of applications per role they advertise, the key is to look for an opportunity in places that not everyone considers.

Do you know where to look for a new job in all the right places? Let us know more tips below!

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Career CamelFinding a new job in all the right places

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