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The five best and worst jobs of 2015

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We all complain about our 9-5 occasionally (especially if it’s more like an 8-9…).

However, there are some jobs that really are head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to the toughest conditions, the most dispiriting working environment and the least rewarding tasks. And then of course, there are other jobs that offer so much more than the average.

Whether you’re looking for some career inspiration or you just want to feel better about your current position, below are the worst (and the best) jobs of 2015.

The worst jobs

Newspaper reporter

Times are tough for anyone in print media as the world goes digital, and if you’re at the bottom of the pile as a reporter then you’re really feeling the pinch. Average to low salaries and often having the door slammed in your face can only make things worse.


Lonely, dangerous and at the mercy of the weather, there’s plenty of reasons why a lumberjack is considered to have one of the worst jobs. It’s also a sector that has suffered significant decline in recent years and is at the mercy of influences outside of the logging industry so it’s unpredictable employment too.

Enlisted military personnel

Enlisting in the military isn’t for everyone – even if you love the uniform there’s the danger and the high pressure situations to think about.


While many of us aspire to be chefs, being a cook is the first few steps on that path that don’t come with quite the same degree of glory. Overheating, constant pressure to deliver during service and repetitive tasks make this job highly unpopular.


A high stress job at the best of times, but particularly given the increased competition and lack of funding in recent years. Not the most popular option unless you’re very well established.

The Best Jobs


Given our dependence on predictions and pensions there will always be work for actuaries – and the pay is higher than the average too.


An audiologist is a medical professional focused on hearing and as most countries now have an ageing population their skills are in increasing demand. Great career prospects and outlook.


There are a huge number of sectors to which the skills of a mathematician can be applied, not just academia. Technology, business and accounting are all on the table, mostly with an above average salary too.


Our economy relies on statistical analysis so this is a career with fantastic prospects. It can be applied to just about any sector too, so there’s a choice of statistics to focus on and industries to work in.

Biomedical engineer

This is an exciting and evolving field that has huge potential and so makes for an exciting career path. There’s a lot of resource being poured into the meeting point between healthcare and technological advancement in particular so the salary levels are high.

  • The full list of the top 200 best and worst roles in 2015 was compiled by CareerCast, examining the working environment and incomes of a whole range of roles. Analysis of the data for this article was conducted by the red10 team.

What do you think were the best and worst jobs of 2015? Tell us in the comments below!

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Amechi Peirce-HoweThe five best and worst jobs of 2015

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