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Five careers which would suit a single mum

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Financial needs often cause single mothers to work in excess of 40 hours weekly. Daycare costs and time spent away from the family are among the most grievous obstacles faced by single parents. However, there are many careers which would suit a single mum so they can support their families.


Teachers are well-established in their communities and often respected. Teachers have summers and weekends off to spend with family. Because teachers work while children are in school, they can often save money on childcare. Other benefits for teachers include paid holidays and family insurance.

Healthcare careers

Some people desire an advanced degree but do not have the time to attend classes at a traditional university. However, many qualifications today allow students to complete all or part of their coursework online, such as at the Open University. There is also a shortage of lab personnel in healthcare today, so going into a radiology or other laboratory-based field could be quite lucrative.

Graphic design

One huge benefit of working in graphic design is that most of the work can be done from home. At times, face-to-face meetings may be required, but the bulk of the job can be done wherever the worker has internet access. This flexibility saves parents the time and cost of a commute.

Computer support specialist

Support specialists often work in call centres. They ensure computer systems work efficiently and often take troubleshooting calls and provide technical assistance. Although some support techs work nights and weekends, the job is worth pursuing because it provides job security, as tech support careers are growing faster than the average for other occupations.


Starting a business as a hairdresser gives mums the chance to set their own hours. Those who work out of their homes can also create more time to spend with their families. A self-employed career as a hairdresser provides confidence to a single mum, and the training can be completed quickly.

Other career options

A great way to find what you’re interested in is to take some courses online. These courses offer qualifications in healthcare, paralegal studies and even online nursing programmes.

It’s difficult for single mothers to manage a household and also raise a family. When it comes to choosing a new career, flexibility and job security are essential traits to look for. Decide what interests you and pursue it.

Can you suggest any careers which would suit a single mum? Let us know in the comments below.

Kara MastersonFive careers which would suit a single mum

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