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Five hands-on jobs for those who want to make a difference

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Many people today enjoy hands-on jobs, instead of just pushing buttons at a desk. Some of those jobs could actually help to make things better for your neighbours and your community. So if you aren’t looking to get trapped in a cubicle, here are five hands-on jobs for those who want to make a difference.

Cook or chef

One hands-on job that can allow you to make an immediate difference is cook. Becoming a cook or chef gives you the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare food safely for people in any commercial kitchen. Basic culinary training does not take as long as many other degrees, allowing you to start fast. You can use your skills as a cook or chef to feed the homeless, help at nursing homes, or prepare nourishing food for children who need it. It’s a demanding career, but pays off instantly when you can see people enjoying what you created.

Early childhood educator or teacher

Teaching is a huge hands-on job, especially when dealing with young children. Starting a career as a teacher will let you have a profound effect on their future. You will be making a difference in life of every child you educate, and will be laying down the foundation for future educational endeavors. Your effect on kids in the classroom could last for decades.

A good hands-on job that will allow you to make a difference is electrician. This job allows you to work with even the most complex electrical systems in a house, business, or other structure. You can use this skill to help repair problems for needy families, install new wiring in donated homes, or apprentice others in how to become an electrician. With training offered at many different facilities, it’s a great way to get into engineering and technology without long hours spent in the library. You can get certified and licensed at the Independent Electrical Contractors of Greater Cincinnati office, or even your local community college.

Emergency medical technician or nurse

You can make a direct difference every day as an emergency medical technician or nurse. These jobs have you working with your hands to treat ill or injured patients daily. You could save the lives of many people in a day. Your skills can also save the lives of loved ones during an emergency even when you are not working.


A final job that can make a real difference is carpentry. Becoming a carpenter allows you to work with wood and build things for people who cannot do it themselves. This means you can help veterans, the elderly, and people with disabilities to repair old homes or build new ones. You could even help build new community centers. Carpenters can make a difference in their community and neighborhood, and bring a sense of real change to their work.

Hands-on jobs are some of the best ways to help people and make a marked difference. They get you close to those who require help, so you can find out exactly what is needed. The results are concrete and come fast. These hands-on jobs will let you make a big difference in the lives of others.

What hands-on jobs do you think make a difference? Tell us below!

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Brooke ChaplanFive hands-on jobs for those who want to make a difference

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