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Five job ideas for when you’re off school for the summer

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While some students spend summer break going on holiday or lying around the house, others see the time off from class as an opportunity to earn money and experience with a summer job. However, finding a position just for summer can be a difficult task. If you’re ready to make the most of your break when you’re off school for the summer, here are five suggestions to help you get to work.

Get paid at the pool

Hot days mean swimming pools are back in business, so why not spend your summer as a lifeguard or pool cleaner? Lifeguards are typically required to have excellent swimming skills and pass a training course that includes first aid and CPR. However, you can still work as a pool cleaner or maintenance technician even if you’re limited to the doggy paddle.

Connect with nature

What’s better than spending your summer in the great outdoors? If you’re good with kids and enjoy exploring the wilderness, consider working as a camp guide. Would you rather avoid looking after small humans all day? You can still get paid to lead hikes and activities for all ages as a nature guide at a park.

Prepare for your career

There’s no better time than summer vacation to start laying the groundwork for your future career. Look for a job or internship in your chosen field to get your foot in the door. Are you planning to be a driver and ready to invest in your future? Purchase your first rig and look for owner operator truck driving opportunities in your area.

Teach or tutor

Do you love sharing your knowledge, skills or talents with others? Consider providing tutoring services or teaching classes over the summer. Many high schools and colleges also offer summer tutoring jobs for students, so ask your teachers or professors if there are any opportunities available.

Start your own business

Summer break is a great time to flex your entrepreneurial muscles. From mowing lawns to babysitting to selling homemade crafts, the possibilities are endless. Are you having a hard time deciding? Think of something you’re good at or would enjoy doing. You can also consider what equipment you already have on hand, such as lawnmowers or soap-making supplies, to reduce costs.

Remember, a summer job doesn’t have to be just for the season. If you find a position you love, ask if you can stay on part-time during the school year or come back full-time after graduation. Many life-long careers start as summer jobs.

What other jobs are there to do if you’re off school for the summer? Let us know in the comments below.

Lizzie WeakleyFive job ideas for when you’re off school for the summer

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