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Five reasons why students should learn how to drive

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Living in a fairly rural area, it seemed natural that I’d immediately learn to drive as soon as I turned 17, in the same way that the majority of my friends did. However, when I went to university, I made friends with a lot of people from cities who had never driven before.

Here are five reasons why you should learn to drive as a student.

  1. Independence

The number one reason to drive, particularly before you go to university, is to gain a bit of independence from your parents. Having to ask your parents to “drop you off at so-and-so’s house” or “pick you up from the party of such-and-such” gets a little tiresome, and often frustrating on both sides when plans don’t fit together. You’ll find that as a result of either having your own car, or being able to drive your parents’ car, you’ll clash over plans less often and you’ll probably get on much better.

  1. Careers

Let’s be honest – when you’re thinking about your career, the last thing you consider is driving. Work experience and education will always top your list. However, a driving licence may widen your career prospects. Not only does it mean you’ll be able to apply to jobs which are further away from where you live, but you may actually be able to apply for a higher number of jobs. These days driving is not just a pre-requisite for taxi and lorry drivers!

  1. CV

Along similar lines, with competition for jobs on the graduate market so high at the moment, having a driving licence on your CV may just set you apart. Firstly, it will show that you’re an all-rounder. With a qualification more practical than just your A Levels and/or an academic degree, it shouts: “Hey, I’m not a one-trip pony!” Secondly, when it comes down to the crunch and an employer has to choose between you and another person, you may just edge ahead if you’re instantly mobile, and they’re not.

  1. Be on your own terms

Say goodbye to your ultimate enemy: public transport. Think about it – no more waiting hours for a bus in the rain, no more having to leave early to catch the last train, and no more only having to buy as much shopping as you can carry home. No one can dictate when you drive!

  1. It’s more affordable than ever

Some of you may be thinking that there’s no point learning to drive if you can’t afford to buy a car at the end of it, or indeed find insurance. If you are looking for insurance visit Quote Goat, who specialise in young drivers. Wrong – not only will you gain the career benefits above, but you’ll be ready to jump straight back into driving when required. A number of driving schools offer bulk discount prices; check out RED Driving School and BSM to get started.

So what are you waiting for? Book your lessons and get driving now.

Have you been learning to drive? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo: Graham Richardson / Flickr

Sian ElvinFive reasons why students should learn how to drive

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