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Five reasons why getting a degree is so important

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The importance of a university education is highly emphasised these days. In fact, many employers will not interview a potential candidate who does not have a degree. It is not difficult to find plenty of reasons to obtain a degree in a specialised field even though it is a costly investment. The reasons why a student may attend a university are numerous and personal, but most people share a few similar motivators. Here’s why getting a degree is so important.

Greater earning potential

One of the most obvious benefits of a degree is the higher earning potential. Research has shown that individuals who have a degree can add about £12,000 more than those who don’t have a degree. Additionally, the wage gap between those who have a degree and those who don’t is increasing. Those who are between the age of 22 and 64 and don’t hold a degree average about £15,000. If you want to earn a university degree, online degree programmes are a positive way to go as they serve the same purpose with more flexibility for a busy schedule.

More job opportunities

University graduates may not come away from their degree remembering every bit of information they were taught, but they do learn two attractive qualities to employers: firstly a greater ability to think analytically, and secondly the discipline to see a task through from beginning to end. A university degree makes you more marketable and less-likely to have to accept entry-level positions in non-skilled positions.

Better jobs

Studies have shown that job seekers with university degrees are more likely to receive employer-provided benefits than those employees without a degree. Benefits include access to better health care coverage, retirement packages, tuition reimbursement, free childcare, and reimbursement for travel costs. Not surprisingly, graduates are also typically more satisfied with their careers than individuals A Levels. Graduates are also more likely to keep their jobs during economic downturns.

Gain skills and life experience

Going to school affords students an opportunity to be independent and make independent decisions. Graduates will learn valuable everyday skills like prioritisation, time management, and budgeting. A degree improves written and verbal communication skills as well, an important aspect of getting a job after graduation. Of all the benefits provided by earning a degree, this is one of the most valuable. Earning a degree enables people to make better choices that benefit themselves and their society. Students are also able to explore theoretical knowledge and gain the necessary skills before they graduate and make the necessary professional contacts to acquire a job after graduation.

Increased personal satisfaction

For many individuals, earning a university degree is a major life goal. The accomplishment of this task can bring you tremendous personal satisfaction through the ability to conquer such a complex goal. The personal satisfaction can extend even further, however, to increased benefits for your future family. Children of parents with university educations are better off socially and economically and makes the children themselves more likely to earn a degree.

Higher education in the UK can help you transform yourself and the world around you. According to US News, the UK requires you to take a deep dive into your subject from the start. “There are lots of students who come to the UK or Oxford with a passion for a particular subject. They spend their entire undergraduate career focused on that.” Over 90 percent of graduates say their degree has or will pay off, and all generations agree that their education was worth it.

Why else do you think getting a degree is so important? Let us know in the comments below.

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Harper HarmonFive reasons why getting a degree is so important

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