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Five ways to become a professional nomad

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Were you bitten by the travel bug at a young age? Did you count down the days until you could pack your suitcase whenever your parents planned a trip? Perhaps you loved visiting tropical destinations or maybe you preferred roaming castle ruins in the Scottish Highlands. However that travel urge hit you as a kid, it’s likely it still affects you today. If you desperately desire to both earn a living and travel at the same time, consider the following five careers.

English teacher

If you absolutely adore travelling, teaching English as a foreign language in another country might be just the job for you. While some teaching assignments are shorter, you might be able to teach at one location for six months or more. Some English teaching programmes only require you to complete a training program, though others require a university degree. Imagine how much fun you’ll have immersing yourself in another culture as you teach others how to speak your native language.

Lorry driver

Do you love spending time behind the wheel? If driving and experiencing new adventures are two of your favourite pastimes, becoming a lorry driver is a great idea. This exciting career allows you to provide a meaningful service to others while travelling around the country. Being a lorry driver provides you with the opportunity to meet interesting people, see stunning natural landscapes, and visit historical sites, and companies like EpicVue make it their duty to expand the entertainment options available so life is much better than it was a decade ago. Usually in high demand, lorry drivers often enjoy amazing job security.

Freelance writer

When you were a kid, did you carry a pen and paper with you at all times? If you’ve enjoyed writing for as long as you can remember, freelance writing might be your dream career. As a freelance writer, you don’t have to work in any particular place. You can write while travelling the continent. You can even work as you spend time in some of your favourite places around the world, from Paris or Prague to Sydney and Singapore.

Flight attendant

If you want to travel while you work but you don’t really like driving, you could consider becoming a flight attendant. Every time you head to your job, you’ll fly to another exciting location, and you’ll usually have a bit of downtime to look around before hopping on your next leg. You might especially relish this career if you’re a people person.

Commercial airline pilot

Perhaps becoming a flight attendant doesn’t appeal to you, but you still love flying. A commercial airline pilot might be just what fits your wants and needs. You would be responsible for delivering travellers safely to their destinations. Besides the gratification of making others’ travels possible, you’ll have the opportunity to see the world from a unique vantage point.

If you don’t like to remain in one place long, finding a career that will enable you to travel frequently might be important. To support yourself while exploring the planet, consider the aforementioned careers.


Are you a professional nomad? What do you enjoy about it? Let us know in the comments below.

Claire StewartFive ways to become a professional nomad

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