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Four career paths to consider for a flexible schedule

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Being that an estimated 30 percent of employees quit for lack of job flexibility, having adaptable work opportunities is important. Luckily, there are career paths that have a flexible schedule, whether you are transitioning into a new field, working on building a family, or simply like the freedom to work whenever you want. By pursuing one of these four career paths, you can maintain both your flexibility and have financial security.


With the rise of popularity in IT jobs, corporations are investing more capital and creating more career opportunities. Another benefit of this industry is its flexibility. With many of these positions being remote, you can choose your hours and work anywhere you want. Even with the potential of working long hours to meet deadlines, working in the tech industry allows flexible opportunity for anyone with the proper certification.


Are you a content creator? Being in the media industry may be for you. With social media being a large part of our culture, it is becoming even easier to be a media and communications professional. Many of these opportunities are remotely available and typically require a laptop and creativity.

As a freelance content creator, there are numerous jobs that you can perform in this industry. For instance, being a copywriter, brand strategist, or even a translator can allow you to work from home and make a great living. This is a great opportunity for stay-at-home mothers looking for extra income or people suffering with physical disabilities. As long as you have the ability to create quality material, media and communication jobs are for you.

Develop a trade

Although they typically require training, developing a trade is a great idea, especially for people who become entrepreneurs. Going to school for plumbing, carpentry, auto mechanics, and electricity is beneficial because these industries will always be relevant, which creates job security. This career path is also great if you don’t want to be confined to a desk for eight hours a day.


Being that many corporations require 24-hour surveillance, finding a flexible security job should be a breeze. If you’re in school or keep your children during the day, working a security job in the later hours is ideal, especially as an independent contractor.

Making money does not require a typical nine to five anymore. Consider one of these flexible career paths and live on your own terms.

What other jobs have a flexible schedule? Let us know in the comments below.

Emma SturgisFour career paths to consider for a flexible schedule

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