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Four careers for people who care about their communities

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In a world that is full of strife, the biggest changes often happen at the community level. Therefore, taking pride in and caring about your local community can go a long way toward making the world a better place. If you want to start a career that is aligned with the goal of improving your community, there are plenty of obvious and not-so-obvious ways to get started.

Animal services worker

When animals escape from their owners, they need a loving and caring place to stay until their owners come to get them. As an animal services worker, you’ll be on the front lines of providing excellent care to dogs, cats, and other small animals that would otherwise wander alone around the community. In addition to keeping these animals safe, keeping them off the streets helps protect local wildlife, which is a win for every community citizen.

Bin collector

A community truly shows its pride in how clean its streets are. Therefore, if you want to help improve your community, a job with a rubbish removal services company can provide an unexpected way to make a big impact. By responsibly hauling away rubbish, you can help ensure that it doesn’t end up on the streets and in the roads, which would degrade the community’s appearance. You can also help to separate rubbish from recycling to prevent overcrowding in your community’s local tip.


Another way to maintain the appearance of your community is through a career as a landscaper. Whether cutting grass or planting trees, there are many tasks that a landscaper does that help to beautify a community. Although it may not seem like you’re making much of a difference as you mow individual yards, when you think about the overall impact you’re having through the dozens of yards you cut every week, it’s easy to understand how important your job is.


Designing beautiful buildings for businesses in your community is another great way to show your community pride. By overseeing the design and construction of beautiful, durable buildings, you will provide your community with an infrastructure that everyone can be proud of. Plus, since a career as an architect tends to be fairly lucrative, you will be able to have extra money to donate to local non-profits.

While the jobs listed above may not all be flashy, they are nonetheless important when it comes to caring for a community. In every big and little action that you take to improve your community, understand that the things you do now could have implications many generations from now as people enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Can you recommend any other jobs people who care about their communities may like? Let us know in the comments below.

Brooke ChaplanFour careers for people who care about their communities

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