Give you job freedom

Four careers which will give you job freedom

So you have had your fill with working for someone else or you are tired of the rut your life may have become due to a regular, gruelling work schedule. You want to break free from it all but you also know that you need to do something to keep yourself fed, clothed and warm. This conundrum is where working as a self-employed individual comes in. Below, you will find a quartet of careers that are perfect for people who want earn wages on their own terms and will give you job freedom.

Freelance writing

While penning a novel is a lofty goal, it’s not a reliable pursuit. The good news for those individuals with a gift for words is that they can ply their skills on a variety of content sites. Many of these sites are more interested in content intended for the internet, where knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a reliable way of making a living. As to whether or not this can be creatively fulfilling, it will depend on the clients you choose to work for.


Not everyone pursued a college education and even some who did took time to learn the basics of a trade, just enough to take care of minor irritations like a plugged drain or correcting the framing of a window. If you feel like you have an aptitude for plying your trade or improving upon your skills as a tradesman, you might consider getting a job as a contractor to help others in need of plumbing services, picking a lock, sharpening knives, and so on.


Are you fluent in at least one other language that is commonly spoken in your area? If so, you may have just the skill set to keep yourself going. Example of this kind of work including work as an intermediary between your client and an organisation the client may be dealing with, or translating important documents for a client so she understands what she is agreeing to.

Real estate agent

As long as you are not bothered with being paid according to your salesmanship skills, a real estate agent is a great job for setting your own hours. Once you hear from a potential buyer, the ball is in your court on when to arrange a showing.

While these previous careers are viable for someone looking to work on his own terms, they are hardly the only options. Asses your strengths and see if you can use them to become your own boss.

Can you think of any more careers which would give you job freedom? Let us know in the comments below.

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