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Four dream jobs which will let you keep your head in the clouds

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If you want to work in an exciting career field, there are plenty of dream jobs that will allow you to explore your passion while making money. Some of these jobs pay excellent salaries and are known to be stable even in times of economic downturn. Here are four dream jobs that you may want to pursue.


As a photographer, you can choose to work in several different fields. Whether you want to work as a news, fashion or sports photographer, you’ll be hired to take pictures of important events. You can choose to either work for an agency or as a freelancer. A sharp eye for detail and knowing how to get the best shots are needed for this job. You’ll also need to know how to operate and set up different pieces of photography equipment. A degree in photography can be used to your advantage to find work.

Fashion designer

Working in the fashion industry will allow you to design new wardrobe collections for upcoming seasons. You can choose to specialise in men’s or women’s fashions as well as clothing for plus and petite sizes. Your designs could even be worn by models strutting the runway during top fashion shows. After getting your degree in fashion design, you may have to work as an intern for designers so that you can learn the ins and outs of the business.

Commercial pilot

If you enjoy travelling the world, working as a commercial pilot may be the right career for you. You’ll have the chance to operate an aeroplane as you fly passengers to various national and international destinations. Completing an extensive training programme to obtain a licence will be required before you can start working. You can look into aviation schools and some employers may also require a degree in any subject to show a high level of education.

Voice-over artist

You’ll be able to lend your voice to TV and radio commercials, animated films and documentaries by working as a voice-over artist. A pleasant-sounding voice and probably a degree will be needed to be successful in this field. Joining an actors’ union and hiring a talent agent can help you land jobs. Most of the high-paying jobs for voice-over work are in London, so you may also need to relocate.

These are just a few of the exciting dream jobs that could be waiting for you in your future. If you’re willing to fulfil the education and training requirements, you can land the perfect job and enjoy success for years to come.

How can people find and secure their dream jobs? Please offer your advice in the comments below.

Kara MastersonFour dream jobs which will let you keep your head in the clouds

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