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Four fast-paced careers for daring people

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If you want a job which requires you to think on your feet and act quickly, there are several career options that may be to your liking. Working in any of these jobs will give you the sense of adventure you crave and help you avoid boredom while earning a living. Here are four of the best fast-paced careers that require keen intuition and quick thinking.


You can save lives while working a fast-paced job by becoming a paramedic. Paramedics are called to the scenes of emergencies to administer care and transport people to local hospitals. You’ll be helping save the lives of people who’ve been seriously injured in car accidents or by criminal violence or other unfortunate incidents. You will need to train as a paramedic beforehand,

Debt collector

You could be hired by a debt collection agency to be a bailiff when someone does not pay their bills. This line of work requires sharp investigative skills and the ability to work well under high pressure and in occasional dangerous situations. It’s also important you are given pieces of equipment that will allow you to do your job safely.

Security guard

Your job will be to protect the premises of businesses, residences or other types of properties when you work as a security guard. There is also the possibility of working to provide security at special events, and your duties may include crowd control and security checkpoint screenings. One of the best aspects of this career is that you can choose to work day or night with flexible hours.


This daring profession involves extinguishing fires and saving commercial and residential properties from destruction. You’ll have to respond to fire alarms and 999 calls at a moment’s notice, which means that you’ll probably need to be available on most weekends and holidays to work. To be successful in this career, you should have the physical strength to lift and manoeuvre heavy hoses and other equipment while wearing the essential firefighting gear.

Earning a living should involve doing something that you love. If the idea of solving problems quickly and working in a fast-paced field appeals to you, any of these jobs can be the perfect career fit.

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Rachelle WilberFour fast-paced careers for daring people

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