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Four international healthcare careers if you want to leave the country

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There are numerous reasons why the healthcare sector has become such a crucial one. The world population is ageing. There will be about 98 million more people over 65 in the world by the year 2060, according to statistics from the United Nations economic and social affairs report. This will require a greater need for facilities where the health conditions unique to the elderly will receive medical care.

But it’s not only the ageing who are creating an increased need for healthcare expertise around the world. Globalisation is connecting cultures like never before and with this greater exposure, unfortunately, has come epidemics such as Ebola and Avian influenza. Opportunities to work in the healthcare industry don’t have geographic boundaries and healthcare recruiters are waiting to reach out. They’re endless, but here are four international healthcare careers in which to start.


Epidemiology investigates the origins and effects of world diseases. An epidemiologist is an expert who studies and forecasts the impact contagious illnesses have on societies where they’re spreading. The resulting knowledge drives international health policy. It’s also crucial to creating strategies to stop viruses and other contagious germs from spreading.


3 million nurses work in clinics and hospitals in the U.S. 32 million, however, provide care around the world. The Dana Farber Cancer Institute has a partnership with a cancer care facility in Rwanda where nurses introduce their Rwandan counterparts to new and improved ways to care for patients afflicted with cancer. This is only one of the many ways in which nurses see briefing and play an increasingly global role in healthcare though.

Pharmaceutical research and development management

Pharmaceutical companies need the research and development that leads to new drugs performed globally, especially as it relates to the creation of new vaccines and medicines that stop infectious diseases. Job opportunities abound in this area for those with a passion for improving global health while also have the management backgrounds that make them an asset to this effort.

Hospital project management

Professionals with experience in both healthcare and business are in demand at international hospitals, particularly now that American healthcare organisations are branching out into campuses in foreign countries. Project managers at global hospitals need to be able to guide complex care projects from start to finish. They ensure that protocols are consistent and maintained across global facilities.

Recruiters help healthcare professionals interested in working abroad to identify jobs that best suit them, but there’s no limit to the support global healthcare businesses and nonprofit organisations need in locating the talent necessary to meet the needs of this quickly growing market.

Do you know of any other international healthcare careers? Tell us in the comments below.

Harper HarmonFour international healthcare careers if you want to leave the country

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