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Four overlooked jobs to consider in the health industry

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In a world where virtually every industry is affected by the pandemic, the medical sector appears to be the only industry that is constantly hiring. You are perhaps looking towards the health industry for employment but do not know what type of job you should apply for. Here are four overlooked jobs you should consider if you want to work in the health industry.

Medical writer

Medical writing involves writing different types of technical articles. Investigator reports, protocol or protocol amendments, safety narratives, regulatory briefing documents, and manuscripts for publication are only to mention some of the types of writing a medical writer produces. So, if you have technical writing skills, being a medical writer may be the job you have been looking for.

Medical coder

Are you tech-savvy and love the fine details? If you answered yes, then a career in medical coding may well suit you. As the title implies, medical coders enter specific codes in a system for identification and billing purposes. Medical coders input ICD, CPT, HCPCS, DME, and other codes on electronic health records.


As large-scale medical facilities are becoming more and more overwhelmed with patients, parents-to-be are now challenged with finding alternate solutions to have their babies. Enter, the midwife. Yes, men can be midwives too. A centuries’ old profession, midwifery is gaining back in popularity. A midwife practitioner’s salary can vary based on a couple of factors that include location and availability.


Another often overlooked job in the health industry that you should consider is to be a sonographer. Sonographers use special equipment that utilises sound waves to see internal body structures. Sonographers are trained to not only operate the machinery, but they are also highly trained to identify and understand the images as well.

Whether you are looking to work in a clinical research organisation, a private clinic, or on-call, these four health industry jobs are worth looking into if you want to be employed and be part of the medical sector.

Can you think of any more jobs to consider in the health industry? Let us know in the comments below.

Emma SturgisFour overlooked jobs to consider in the health industry

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