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Four skills you can develop in any career

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When employers are seeking to bring in a new hire, they all look for one thing. Regardless of any strict requirements such as a degree or a particular talent, every employer wants someone that they can easily train. This means someone who has a variety of strong basic skills such as communication. If you are looking to get hired into the job of your dreams or simply want to grow within your current position, examine the following list of skills you can develop in any career, and determine where you stand.

Communication skills

You communication skills are more often than not going to be the first thing that an employer notices when they see you. Contrary to popular belief, basic communication skills such as being able to talk to someone are not enough in today’s workplace. Employers far more desire interpersonal communication due to the many layers that it covers. This form of communication deals with both verbal and non-verbal means of expression. How you say something to a potential client can be as important as what you say to them. Employers often demand this skill due to the crucial importance of building a strong team that is able to communicate effectively when they are not around.


The meaning of adaptation in the workplace is often misunderstood to mean being able to move from one area of the building to another. However, the 21st-century definition is far more complex than simply moving desks. Today, leaders seek individuals who are able to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of technology and diversity, which promotes the spread of innovative ideas. Can you handle switching from a Gmail to a company ran communication platform? Are you ready to be placed into a team where you may be the minority?

Ability to organise and prioritise

Efficiency and time are the names of the game in business. Managers and top-level executives are always searching for those individuals that can demonstrate a high-level of readiness. Can you deliver a certain document rapidly when it is asked for? If placed in a certain project, can you give your managers peace of mind that you can stick and make your deadlines? The skill of understanding what to work on and what can be left for another day may sound basic, but that can make all the difference in business.

Public speaking

As much as we try to avoid it, public speaking is something that everyone will have to do regardless of your position. Often even the brightest minds have difficulty when having to speak to large or even small crowds. Managers look for excellent public speaking skills because sooner or later, you will be presented as the face of the company in some shape or form. Sure they may not place you in a large auditorium where you have to speak to thousands, but they will place you in front of potential clients. Thus, poor public speaking skills can often showcase to an employer that this particular person lacks both confidence and communication skills.

Do you know of more skills you can develop in any career? Let us know in the comments below.

Emma SturgisFour skills you can develop in any career

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