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Four things to know before starting a career in manufacturing

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The manufacturing field needs workers, so if you’re thinking about starting a career in this industry, you’ve chosen one with many opportunities. But if you’ve never had a career in manufacturing, you might be wondering what the required skills are and what you should know before you enter this field. While the specific skills you will be required to have can vary depending on the exact position, there are a few aspects of manufacturing that you should know before you apply for your first job.

1. Safety comes first

When you work in manufacturing, you’ll be around many pieces of equipment, and safety is always of paramount importance. These pieces of machinery can move very quickly, and if you’re not careful, you can get hurt. For example, something as seemingly harmless as a conveyor belt can cause injury by catching loose clothing and hair.

If you want to stay safe, always follow the regulations set forth by your company for your specific job. Factories have very specific rules that you must follow to ensure your safety and the safety of everyone around you. Following these rules is a condition of employment at any respectable place of business.

2. Study or directly into the workforce?

For some manufacturing jobs, it’s advantageous to get a technical degree. Fields such as engineering technology have a high need for qualified candidates, and you can earn big with a degree. On the other hand, there are many entry-level jobs and many companies that will let you work your way up if you prove to be a reliable employee who learns quickly and has a great attitude.

3. Have a good work ethic

Speaking of having a great attitude, this can do wonders for your career. Like any job, good employers notice the employee who goes the extra mile versus those who do the bare minimum. Being alert and ready to work at a manufacturing job can also prevent accidents that can be costly and even physically injure someone.

4. Wide variety of career paths

The manufacturing industry is diverse, so it’s wise to have an idea of what kind of manufacturing you would like to get into before you seek a position. Depending on what type of work you wish to do, you may need to seek some formal training or postgraduate education before applying. While this might require an investment, you’ll likely have more opportunities for career advancement in your chosen field.

If you’re trying to decide if a career in manufacturing is right for you, there are many available options. Take a look at what’s available in your area and what you would be willing to move for.

Do you have any more tips for someone considering a career in manufacturing? Let us know in the comments below.

Eileen O'ShanassyFour things to know before starting a career in manufacturing

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