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Four unconventional jobs to consider if you love creative writing

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People who love creative writing don’t have to limit themselves to trying to make ends meet via conventional copywriting and editing jobs. They also don’t have to wait to do what they love as their primary job until they “someday” become famous from publishing a successful novel or play. Plenty of unconventional options exist that make it possible for creative writers to use their imagination to the fullest, write full-time and make a solid paycheck. Consider the following top four careers during your job search if you love creative writing.

Greetings card writer

The sentiments expressed in birthday, holiday and other greeting cards aren’t only created by advertising and marketing specialists. A greeting card writer can work as an employee of a card publisher or submit their work as a freelancer. The industry even has its own association, known as the Greeting Card Association. It offers information and tips to writers and other greeting card publishing experts, retailers and enthusiasts via its blog. If you think this is the right kind of career for you, use search engine keywords like “greeting card writer jobs” and check out listings on specific publisher websites.

CCSL transcription writer

A Combined Continuity, Dialogue and Spotting List, also commonly known as a Combined Continuity and Spotting List or CCSL, serves as the legal, final script for a television or movie project. CCSL transcription is a writing job that requires a professional creative writer’s skill. It is a shot-by-shot, written script of the visual, audio, production, time stamp, filming location and other elements for the final broadcast master video. It is used for copyright and editing purposes. It’s also referenced to create dubbed recordings and subtitles for foreign releases and closed captions for the hearing impaired and children and adults who use captions to study languages. Professional transcription firms that offer a wide range of services regularly hire ccsl transcription writers.

Public relations specialist

Public relations specialists write, or manage a team that writes, almost every piece of communication released to the public that relays information or creates a positive image for a business or organisation, including press releases, newsletters and speeches. They work with in-house and/or outside advertising, marketing and social media experts to pick and approve content and determine target audiences. They also commonly assist other written content producers, such as financial report managers and human resource managers. Public relation specialists speak directly to the media and arrange interviews for company leaders. They plan out and manage public relations programs. Many of these specialists also pursue donors and grants and implement fundraising programmes. To apply for work in this area, check out companies or organisations that you believe you would enjoy promoting and supporting. Additionally, for higher-paying positions, earn a degree in creative writing, English, communications or journalism.

Personal letter writer

A lot of people have difficulty expressing themselves when writing about personal matters. Personal letters include correspondence between friends and loved ones, requests for financial and other forms of assistance that require personal details and even memorial statements and obituaries. A personal letter writer needs to have active listening skills and the ability to recreate an individual’s unique voice or personality and handle sensitive topics with care. For assistance requests, they must also be able to use persuasive language that can generate sympathy for their client. Personal letter writers typically work with individuals directly or as freelancers for businesses and organisations that deal with personal matters or aid people, such as non-profit rights groups, churches, funeral homes and special event planners. To find work in this area, a writer needs to promote their services offline and online in a variety of ways, including advertisements, social media posts, friend and family referrals, flyers, door-to-door contacts and postal mailers.

Creative writers also often choose careers as advertising/marketing gurus, business consultants or sales representatives. Many people utilise their creative writing skills while pursuing hobby-related careers that involve craft work, such as woodworking, quilling and quilt-making. They sell homemade products related to their hobbies that display their poetry, stories or other types of writing via online or offline shops. Broaden your career horizons by checking out some of these unconventional jobs today.

What other jobs are there to pursue if you love creative writing? Let us know in the comments below.

Emma SturgisFour unconventional jobs to consider if you love creative writing

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