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Four unconventional jobs you may not have considered

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The job market has been in an unprecedented state of change in the past few years which means many are seeking to switch careers. With so many emerging career types, it is difficult to find the right match for you. The job market has certainly changed and has more to offer than when you last dusted off your CV. So here are four unconventional jobs you may not have considered, but may want to.

Video game designer

Video games are more popular than ever before not just with the youngest generation but with all age demographics. With millions playing each day, the desire for new and fresh content has never been greater. If you have a background in graphic design or computer engineering, perhaps consider turning your past time into a full time career. A variety of disciplines are sought after ranging from artists to computer programmers.

Scissor lift operator

A scissor lift hire can work in a variety of locations ranging from construction sites to within a large manufacturing plant. The great thing about this career is that its skills are applicable to many different industries which means there can be a sense of job security for potential employees in this line of work.

Solar panel installer

The renewable industry is booming. As more laws are passed requiring renewables to become a substantial part of their energy generation portfolio over the next few decades, there is a race to install solar as quickly as possible. This is leading to a huge demand of solar panel installers. This profession requires you to travel to various locations similar to construction sites to install solar panels either in an open field or on the rooftop of a home or business.

Online teaching

The desire to learn English is incredibly strong in many parts of the world especially certain sections of Asia. This has made way for the introduction of online English classes in which native English speakers teach those overseas. These careers typically allow you to work as little or as much as you desire while offering competitive hourly pay.

Long gone are the days of only a conventional 9 to 5 career. The workforce looks drastically different than it did just a few years ago. By seeking out some of the lesser known careers, you may just stumble upon your true calling.

What are some otherĀ unconventional jobs you may not have considered? Let us know in the comments below.

Emma SturgisFour unconventional jobs you may not have considered

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