Career moves to consider if you're tired of the daily grind

Four unusual career moves to consider if you’re tired of the daily grind

Once you realise that sitting at a desk all day is not a reality that you want to be a part of your daily life, it’s time to start thinking about which vocational path you can pursue to avoid sedentary living. Below you’ll find just four of several unusual career moves to consider if you’re tired of the daily grind.

Personal trainer

One career move to consider if you hate the idea of sitting at a desk all day is that of a personal trainer. This vocation requires that you remain in a state of continual movement as you guide your clients through custom-made fitness routines that will help them accomplish specific wellness goals like weight loss or muscle mass gains.

Also note that this career can motivate you to remain in shape, because you’ll be in an environment where people are looking to you as an example for how to cultivate a great physique.

Travel writer

In addition to considering a career as a personal trainer, think about becoming a travel writer. These individuals are paid to travel to specific regions of the world and subsequently write dynamic, detail-oriented articles and blog posts recording their experiences, observations, outings, etc. Note that with the rise of the internet, there are more ways than ever to get your work published.


If you really hate the idea of sitting around at a boring desk job all day, becoming a producer might be the ideal career choice for you. As noted by Business Insider, producers and directors are paid to set the design, special effects, choreography, and sound for films. This work keeps them on their feet all day. An added benefit of this profession is that it can be highly engaging and exciting given the role you’ll play in producing scripts and making creative decisions.

Professional mover

One final career path you may want to consider is that of a professional mover like Wheaton World Wide Moving or someone similar. These individuals are paid to help transport the furniture and other belongings of people from one location to another. The move can be commercial, residential, or something else. As with the occupations listed above, this type of job will keep you on your feet all day.

Summing it all up

If you’re serious about cultivating an exciting, engaging career that keeps you on your feet all day, you should consider the options discussed above. Start thinking about your vocational future now so you can begin cultivating a lively, rewarding career!

What suggestions do you have for career moves to consider if you’re tired of the daily grind? Let us know in the comments below!

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