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Four ways to specialise in lorry driving

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When most people think about commercial lorry driving, ideas which come to mind include reality TV shows such as the Ice Road Truckers which features dangerous manoeuvres on the road, and this probably scares many people away from a great career opportunity. But if you decide that you want a career in lorry driving, the best thing is that drivers are always in demand and there is quite some good money in the profession. Here are four ways to specialise in lorry driving which are worth considering.

Refrigerated container drivers

These lorries are pretty much what you’d assume they’d be. They have a cooling system throughout the storage area to keep whatever they’re transporting the correct temperature. They are commonly used for food or similar materials that need to be within a specific temperature range or risk spoiling. You need a few extra skills before you can qualify for a job as a reefer.

Biological transportation

Some of the most sensitive goods to move from one place to the other include items such as lab chemicals, specimens, biological waste, and other important research materials. As one can expect, this sort of job is pretty serious as a mistake could cause a large problem. Biological transport is a highly specialised transport career which involves getting training on ensuring that you do not make mistakes which could create a biohazard on the road when you are moving things from one point to the other.


This is the third general category which can be your specialisation in your driving career. Tankers normally haul everything from gas to milk, water to orange juice and at times, even dangerous chemicals. There are times when tankers might even haul dry goods. When you are a trucker and you are given the responsibility of transporting something as volatile as fuel, you receive extra training to prepare you for any eventualities on the road.

Container haulers

These are lorries which haul container loads of goods from the port all the way to their delivery point. Containers are the most common trucks on the roads and other than the basic training which comes before you get the licence to drive a lorry, there aren’t many other requirements that you need to fulfil to become a container hauler. Other specialisations which are closely linked to this one include being an auto hauler or a freight hauler. The benefit of the last two is that you need specialisation and the pay is higher.

Those are some of the specialisations that you can go for when starting out your career as a lorry driver. Take time and get the needed training to enjoy maximum benefits from trucking.

Do you specialise in lorry driving in a particular area? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Eileen O'ShanassyFour ways to specialise in lorry driving

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