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How to get into the creative industry

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Working in the creative industry is simultaneously incredibly tough, but hugely rewarding. Who wouldn’t want a career they enjoy every second of? However, these types of jobs come with thousands of applicants for even entry-level roles. Don’t despair just yet though, there are steps you can take to make your application shine amid the numbers.

Be passionate
Most importantly, passion is a must. Every job application has this word as an essential, but how do you show it? Experience shows a certain amount, but a truly dedicated person has extra-curricular hobbies as well as a genuine interest for the company. You would be surprised what pushes them to hire you among the thousands of applicants, and it isn’t always educational achievements.

Be resourceful

Work experience is hard to come by but, in the creative industry, being resourceful is a key skill. You may not be able to nab a placement at the BBC straight away so work on smaller outlets. Write to local newsletters or look for small film companies, it’s all about building up to the bigger placements. Every opportunity counts.


Volunteering is an unexpected source that can provide you with skills, experience and even qualifications. Look on volunteering websites and specify the type of work you would like to do. They have everything from radio stations to marketing work that would make your CV glow!

Go the extra mile 

So you are sending off applications every day, but still feel like you could be doing more? Perhaps it’s time to improve your own chances. With media so easily accessible now, there is no excuse not to get yourself out there. Blogging isn’t just for the journalists; why not use it to write about an interest you have or even your journey to finding a job? With YouTube and social media sites, your next job could be at your fingertips. So, what are you waiting for?

Once you have some experience under your belt, create a portfolio. There are plenty of online sites that allow for everyone to display their work. Remember to include a link in your CV and keep it up-to-date.

And finally, never give up. The creative industry is full of rejection and the successful people are the ones who believed in themselves when no one else would.

Do you have any more tips for students trying on how to get into the creative industry? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo: Thangaraj Kumaravel / Flickr

Charlotte HobbsHow to get into the creative industry

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