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Goals to have when looking to grow your career

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According to research conducted by Gallup in 2013, about 70% of working Americans expressed a sense of dissatisfaction with their jobs. While there are a number of possible reasons why this is the case, from the sluggish economic recovery drive to the never changing wage structure in the country, we believe that the primary reason for the state of unhappiness at work actually has a lot to do with the current education system and our societal makeup.

No one has really been able to map out the right path one needs to follow in order to establish themselves in their professional line whilst deriving maximum fulfilment in their endeavors. Because of this, those in college often face difficulties when it comes to deciding what route they are going to branch out.

Sites like Job Application Center provide insights on ways students can prepare themselves for the job market. By following the site’s in depth analysis, students can successfully forge their careers in various fields. In addition, we’ll be looking at a couple of pointers that can help you get prepared for the job market and how to comfortably land on your feet when things go awry.


Most people tend to get discouraged when their lofty ambitions don’t pan out as well as they had intentioned. The assumption by many is that the path to success in career endeavors follows a linear trajectory. However, the truth is that the path is never straight forward, along the way, there are going to be a number of hurdles that act as stepping stones on the path to success.

Importantly too is the fact that having a fantastic and well-paying job does not automatically translate to a state of bill. Research has shown that most people who tend to earn more than $75,000 don’t always become happy individuals.


Careers should not be viewed as arbitrary means for people to earn a living. Instead, one should approach career opportunities with the desire to explore and discover the things we love. That way, even when things don’t work out, one can always take some pride and satisfaction in the knowledge that what they are doing is actually aimed at helping out the future cause of humanity.

Given the fact that careers are actually lifetime undertakings, one should always seek to discover the adventure in how everything ties up together.

Pursue Legacy, Proficiency, and Liberty

Research by a couple of authors has led to conclusive evidence that in order for one to achieve a sense of fulfilment at the workplace, the three most integral attributes one needs to possess are legacy, proficiency and liberty, in that order.

Seeking a legacy ensures that one always has a sense of purpose in their every action. Pursuing proficiency ensures that we become the very best in our respective fields since we’ll naturally try to learn as many skills as possible in order to get ahead. There’s good reason why liberty is entrenched in the minds of many as an important societal construct, the ability to work which whomever, wherever and whenever ensures that careers never get viewed as simply a means to earn a living.

Do you have any advice to share with our readers when it comes to setting effective career goals? Share in the comments below.


Career CamelGoals to have when looking to grow your career

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