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Have you found your dream career field yet?

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If you’re someone who’s feeling stuck between a rock and your current job, then there’s a good chance you’re often daydreaming about another career you’ve always wanted to see yourself working in. Maybe you’re spending more time preparing and planning for a move like this, rather than focusing on the work you’re doing in the here and now – isn’t there something very wrong with that picture? Especially when it comes to your health and happiness?

If a situation like this sounds familiar to you, and yet you have no clue what to do about out or where you would even think about going next, let’s think about how you could find your dream career field below.

Fitting the pieces of your perfect career puzzle takes some time, but that’s just what you have right now! 

What Ads Do You Resonate With?

When it comes to searching through online job boards and the advertisement section of your local paper, what kind of job adverts jump out at you? What words and descriptions excite you the most, and make you think ‘I could be perfect for that position’? If you’re not sure in the here and now, take a few minutes to think back on the ads you’ve responded to recently, and the similarities they all have between them.

Maybe the titles were enough to draw you in? Maybe the requirements section was filled to the brim with informal qualities you don’t have to provide certificates for? Maybe the opportunities available alone were enough to sell the job to you, such as the boards here tend to offer? Think about what stands out, and then start to refine your job search.

On a Day Off, What Would You Choose to Work on?

If you’re currently working, and you had a free day off, but still had to do something your workplace required of you, which task would you pick? Maybe a bit of paperwork and filing? Maybe a bit of cold calling and advertisement? Maybe coming up with a new solution for a problem your boss is currently facing? If none of these, what else?

Think about what task you enjoy most when it comes to the job you’re already in, and think about why you prefer it. Maybe it’s just easier, maybe it’s interesting in its own way, maybe it’s a clue as to what you could do next. It’s worth a think at least!

What Do You Love Most About What You Do?

If you’re finding yourself happy with the work you’re doing at the moment, why is that? What do you love about your current job, if you are fond of it? What would you willingly do over and over again whilst you’re at work, if there were no other responsibilities to get in the way? Because if you know the answer, you know what you’re passionate about, and you can relate it realistically to finding the career field of your dreams.

Your dream career is waiting for you, what you are doing to make it a reality?

Career CamelHave you found your dream career field yet?

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