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Here are 10 ways to destress your employees

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From time crunches to unexpected issues, the workplace can be stressful. Avoiding stress at the office is a challenge few can avoid. In fact, the majority of people count their jobs as the single-biggest source of stress in their lives. While workplace stress may be inevitable, there are a number of ways to destress your employees and provide relief.

Having effective strategies for overcoming and relieving workplace stress is key for promoting productivity and retention. Employees who are less stressed are less inclined to take time off, and a less-stressful work environment means that experienced workers are more likely to stay with a company. With productivity and retention being vital components of organisational success, employers must take it upon themselves to introduce some release initiatives to allow employees opportunities to reduce their everyday stress.

While some employers have the resources to provide employees with stress-reducing perks such as unlimited time off or on-site massage services, this is not realistic for all organisations. Fortunately, there are a number of simple and effective alternatives to help reduce stress in the workplace. For example, encourage employees to take a break every couple of hours to meditate or stretch. Not only can this provide a respite from their tasks, but it allows  employees to refocus their energies and return to their jobs with renewed vigour.

Our friends at Groom and Style have created an in-depth guide to dealing with stress in the workplace which you can read about here. As well as that, check out this guide for a number of additional ideas to help your employees find relief from workplace stress.


Do you know any other ways to destress your employees? Let us know in the comments below.

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Career CamelHere are 10 ways to destress your employees

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