How to become an entrepreneur: from zero to business hero

When it comes to career, profession and job, I have found myself quite adventurous and successful in this particular topic. People often ask me: “How did you make it from zero (an unemployed fresh graduate) to a business owner?”

Here’s my story of being my own boss, in the form of some life-hacking tips:

1. No “junk thoughts”

The basic of every start-up success story is to clean up your mind from rubbish thoughts and frustration; I call it “junk thoughts”. These rubbish thoughts start whenever we start listening to others and not our own. Whenever we let others advise us and tell us what to do, these mostly have a negative effect on our self-esteem. Before starting something, believing in oneself is an absolute must. So wash your mind and start thinking for yourself.

2. Start with what you are good at

I do not need to describe what this tag means. You need to find out what you are good at, or what you love to do as a profession. I was a social media addict. Eventually I have become a master of blogging, tweeting and effective social media sharing. I have realized how to bridge technology with human life.

3. A plan

Without a plan or a draft, your dynamic ideas will start bothering you. Trust me, it happened to me. I did not exactly start with a plan, but I started writing down my ideas. One day I just looked at my pages of notes, and realised that all I need to do is align my ideas and making them more realistic as a start-up.

4. A team

You cannot do it alone as an entrepreneur. I did become a leader, but not a boss! I guided my team and never considered them as “employees”. My business is my dream, and my employees are my family. If they are happy with their work and facilities, my business will only deal with success not failure.

5. Taking risks

Sometimes outcomes may not turn out as we expect. Things may differ, clients may not rate you well, or sometimes you will find it hard to sell your ideas. Just in case, I have several plans to beat any situation if things go wrong. But situations may arise when we have to take risks to get one step ahead. Taking risks and being aware of it is a crucial part of any start-up.

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to success!

Do you have any tips for aspiring entrepreneurs? Let us know in the comments below.

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Mary Isabale is a career expert and experienced hiring manager. Isabale prefers to be known as the “career doctor”. She has written more than 100 articles on career advancement and unemployment issues.

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