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How to choose where to work abroad

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Moving abroad is an important decision in your life: certain key factors should be considered when choosing your work location.

If you are yet to decide on your job location abroad, but not sure how to begin with it, here are a few important factors to consider.

1. Cost of living

Living and working abroad seems expensive for an expat. However, it becomes an extremely vital factor in choosing your second home. This factor should include proper analysis of cost involved in transportation, accommodation, groceries, utilities, taxation, etc. As a result, many expat job seekers prefer working in the Arab countries where tax-free income is a major attraction. After all, the amount that you save should be more than your total expenses of living in a country. Moreover, if your chosen destination meets your lifestyle, it is great!

2. Job market

Finding out a country that has a growing employment market indicates career opportunities for you. Hence, considering the job market becomes another key factor to decide your overseas location. Do a proper analysis of the labour demand, minimum salary offered, and the existing job opportunities in your chosen country. Moreover, it is the time to analyse if your skills, experience, and qualifications meet the requirements of the local job market of the country.

3. Safety and political situation

A country that is safe in terms of crimes and the political situation is the one everyone looks for. However, as political landscapes may change in any nation, it is advisable to consider the feeling and general opinion relating to its governmental structure and leadership. Moreover, look close to the country’s crime statistics and safety issues to decide on your final move.

4. Healthcare and medical facilities

Look carefully at the healthcare and medical facilities available in the country. Find out if you can afford the access to those privately funded medical facilities. Although several countries and native employers offer state-funded healthcare features, there is mostly a limitation of the free medical facilities offered. Since it is imperative to take medical insurance abroad, the consideration of this factor is necessary.

5.  Other aspects of integration abroad

The opportunity to know people and make friends easily is another important factor to choose between the two countries for your relocation. Some foreign locations are known to have more friendly people, while others may be known for a more conservative approach. Choosing a foreign location that matches your lifestyle makes it easier for you to settle down quickly.

Working abroad is an exciting yet challenging situation where the consideration of all these important factors is required. So, before making the final move, take out some time to choose your work location abroad wisely.

Do you have any advice on where to work abroad? Tell us in the comments below.

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Swati SrivastavaHow to choose where to work abroad

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