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How to handle the heat at work and school

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Here in the UK, we’re rubbish at handling extreme weather. We’re so used to enduring a steady 14 degrees with a bit of drizzle that anything different from that comes as a surprise. But, once in a while, the weather throws us a curveball and we get a summer. Suddenly, it’s hot, it’s sweaty, it’s ridiculously humid, and all you want to do is lie in the shade with an air con unit and a glass of lemonade.

Sadly, apart from weekends, you’ve got to get on with your life, despite feeling like you’re about to melt. So, here are some top tips for surviving summer at school or work.

Hydration hydration hydration

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of drinking enough water during summer. It’s medically advised to drink two litres a day anyway, so when the temperature soars, it’s important to drink more to replace all the fluid you’re losing in sweat. When you’re dehydrated, your brain isn’t cushioned by as much fluid as it should be, so you can’t concentrate and end up with nasty headaches. Avoid this by always making sure you have a glass of water, and sipping regularly.

Keep slapping on the sun cream

Even if you’re going to be sitting at a desk all day, it’s really important to keep topping up the SPF, especially on the delicate skin on your face. Popping out for a sandwich at lunchtime could be all it takes to singe your nose, and no one likes doing anything when they’re suffering with sunburn. What’s more, if you’ve got an important meeting or an interview coming up, they’re more likely to take you seriously if you don’t look like a lobster! Make sun cream part of your morning routine, and always keep a bottle in your bag or desk drawer.

Dress appropriately

It can be tricky to maintain a level of smartness to your attire when it’s hot outside; no one wants to wear a full suit in 35 degrees. But, be careful not to fall into that stereotypical “Brit-on-holiday” look, with it all hanging out, dodgy tan lines and all. Most offices will let gents get away without a tie in the heat, and you can always pop one on for important meetings. Ladies, a classy maxi dress can go a long way, or why not try experimenting with super-chic city shorts? Personally, I used to sneak into school in a non-uniform light cardigan in July, but you can always pop your jumper or blazer in your locker as soon as you get there! Keep your hair off your neck, and remember that you can change into shorts as soon as you get home!

Stop complaining

It’s hot for everyone. You’re not the only one who would rather be lying on a beach, believe me. Complaining about it makes it ten times worse for everyone around you, and if you just stop moaning and get on with your work, everyone can try and forget about it until it’s time to go and enjoy the sun! No one wants to work alongside a complainer, so be quiet, sip your water, wear your summer dress, and the weekend will be along before you know it!

If all else fails, don’t worry. There will almost certainly be a thunderstorm in a few days.

What are your tips to handle the heat? Let us know below.

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Fran LoweHow to handle the heat at work and school

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