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How to improve your English and get a job in the UK

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Learning basic English is a great accomplishment, and you should feel a sense of pride in reaching that goal. However, you may still struggle to fully follow along in conversations or to speak your thoughts. These struggles have led to problems with getting or maintaining a job. Using some techniques can help you, so here’s how to improve your English.


Many teachers suggest to their students that they read more. You don’t have to read academic material in order to learn English though you can. Also, think about what some of your favorite hobbies are. Buy some books or subscribe to magazines about those topics. Reading won’t feel like such a chore when you are absorbing material that you like. Make certain to read with a pen in your hand. When you find a word that you don’t know, look it up in the dictionary. Write down the definition.

Interact with others

You may feel shy about speaking often because you are working on your language skills. However, interacting with other people can really help you to grow and to learn how individuals speak when they socialise. Part of the process involves listening so that you can hear new words and proper pronunciation. When speaking with relatives or close friends, you might want to ask them to correct you if necessary.

Take a course

Enrolling in a few classes or an entire programme, such as the one with the Interactive College of Technology, can help you to learn English in a programmed manner. These programs are developed specifically for individuals who are learning English as a second language, so it may be crafted to the exact struggles that you’re having. Also, you can engage with other people who are on the same journey, giving you a system of support and a boost of confidence.

Learn the jargon

If you have a particular career in which you are interested, learning how people speak in that field is imperative. You should keep a dictionary with you, especially when in professional settings. On top of that, you also likely need to take classes in the specific field. You may discover that learning the jargon of the industry is no more difficult than learning words that people use in everyday language. In some ways, you have an advantage because all of the words are new to you.

Strong English skills are often necessary to succeed at work, and you no longer need to feel as though you’re falling behind.

Have you got more advice on how to improve your English? Let us know in the comments below.

Hannah WhittenlyHow to improve your English and get a job in the UK

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