Twitch streaming your full-time job

How to make Twitch streaming your full-time job

Becoming a Twitch streamer isn’t exactly hard: anyone with a camera and a computer could decide to start playing games for an audience. Making it a job, though, is where things get tough. Growing an audience, finding the right games to stream, and buying good equipment are just a few of the major considerations you’ll need to make if this is the career path you want. If you’re trying to make Twitch streaming your full-time job, here’s a quick guide to help you get a grip on what you’ll have to do in order to make that possible.

1. Good setup

As mentioned before, the act of livestreaming on Twitch is fairly straightforward. Just make an account, sync a video capture program, start up a game, and go. But while there indeed is a market for gameplay-only videos, the most popular streamers usually have a way to interact with their audiences during gameplay.

Successful Twitch streamers usually have a high-quality microphone and webcam to provide their reactions to the games they play in real time. As a beginner, your equipment doesn’t have to be the best, but it should offer both clear audio and video that can integrate into your Twitch account.

2. A distinct look

No matter how well you can play a game, you won’t make any headway into getting famous if you don’t have anything to set you apart visually or thematically from other streamers. You have to distinguish yourself with visual overlays, unusual art assets, and things like this to have people take notice of you and your skills.

Having a special style or look for yourself can also be a plus, as it helps people recognise you at a glance in addition to the general brand of your streams. Not only does this help you gain followers online, but it can lead to people recognising you in real life, which can be pretty cool.

3. Practice

As funny as it can be to watch someone fail over and over in a video game, it gets old eventually. That why you need to practice playing games even when not streaming. Whether it’s general gameplay, speedrun strategies, or just familiarising yourself with something new, practice makes perfect and a much more exciting livestream when you’re not constantly dying. Outside of blind first impressions, this applies to virtually any game you get your hands on.

While this is just a taste of what it will take to become a successful Twitch streamer, it should help you start out on the right foot. Remember that, even if it is just playing games, streaming takes a lot of hard work if you want to make it a job. Be confident, keep trying, don’t lose focus and you might have a chance at stardom.

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