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How to make your commute more productive

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Many business professionals are responsible of taking work home, including on their commutes to work. Do you recite a presentation on your drive to work or always tune in to the latest updates of your business’s industry? You may not notice at this moment, but those commute habits may be taking a toll on your mental health since you aren’t separating yourself from work.

To avoid the mental block and work burnout, the employee must set aside personal time for themselves. Workers have a tendency to think about work on their commute, in fact, 40 percent have admitted to doing so. These commuters could be completely blinded by the toll work thoughts have on their work goals. A drive to work should be charged with productive habits rather than ineffective work thoughts. This is so you can enter your workday energised and rejuvenated.

We want to emphasise how essential it is to set aside time for a break from work. Plus, while you are commuting you do not have the ability to solve issues relating to your career. Not having this ability creates even more mental strain since we feel stuck for a solution. Focusing on yourself is important while driving to relieve stress. As one survey shows, more than 30 per cent of drivers blame their road rage from work stress. This is a significant number to be affected by something that should not be occupying one’s thoughts at that moment. 

There are wonderful solutions to avoid bringing work on the road with you. The first step is to detect the bad mental habits that are holding ourselves back from taking a brain break from work. We recognised those unproductive practices and replaced them with new ones — to benefit you and your motivation.

Review five powerful and proven methods below that will renew you for work each daily commute you endure on!

Make your commute more productive

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Career CamelHow to make your commute more productive

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