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How to turn your summer internship into a permanent job

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Summer time it is! You are going to undertake valuable work experience that will enrich your resume for the career you want most after graduation. You can might really enjoy your internship and consider working for the company full-time.

Here are some tips on to turn a summer internship into a permanent job:

1. Punctuality matters

Being punctual can boost your chance of turning your internship into a permanent job. It expresses your respect for the company and your sincerity. Try to avoid giving excuses for being late. Take responsibilities and give enough effort to be on time. Always finish the assigned task within the deadline.

2. Dress appropriately

Try to take the internship opportunity quite seriously, and express your seriousness through your dress. Do not let others differentiate between the “temps” and the “permanents”. Leave your fancy jeans, shirt and short skirt at home and save them for the weekend. Dress like you are an integral part of the company; it will improve your impression.

3. Keep away from social media distractions

Yes, using social media during office time can distract you, so try not to use them while you are in the office. The distractions social media can create may harm your career. So when you are in the office, put down your smart phone and stay away from Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

4. Give your best to the assigned task

You will be assigned some specific tasks while you are in the summer internship. Take them seriously and try your best to get them done. No matter how small the task is, treat it with extreme care and show your enthusiasm.

5. Turn your back on office politics

Of course stay connected to everyone in the office, but keep yourself away from taking part in any gossip. Avoid talking gibberish about your coworker and spreading rumours. Even if you are not going to work in this office again for a long time, the good impression you make will help you get good references in the future.

6. Build connections

Your relationship with your coworkers is a crucial thing if you want to turn your internship into a permanent job. As an intern, it can be easy to remain unnoticed by your superiors, so make your move and increase your visibility. Connect with others in your office, introduce yourself and express the positive attitude that you hold. Meet everyone in the office from the janitor to the highest boss.

7. Take extra responsibilities

As an intern, you will always be asked to do things above and beyond your usual tasks. Try to take to them positively, and say yes to them if you can – but do not over-burden yourself with extra tasks. Put in effort to do as much as you can; it may enrich your skills and experience.

8. Be creative

If you are creative in your nature, then you will never go unnoticed in the office; you will be treated differently if you can think differently.

9. Assimilate with the corporate culture

Make yourself comfortable with the corporate culture. There are certain things that you have to maintain in office jobs, like specific etiquette or ethics. Try to blend in with them, as it will increase your chance to turn the internship into a permanent job.

10. Keep track of your accomplishments

No matter what if you are doing an internship or a permanent job, there will always be some accomplishments of yours. Do not forget to keep a record of them, as these will prove that you are worthy enough to join the institution.

11. Be a team player

You should prefer working with a team rather than going solo. It will help you to understand the company’s way of working more intensely and also it will enrich your experience.

12. Ask for feedback

Be brave enough to seek the feedback of your superiors. As they are experienced, they can easily spot your mistakes and can provide you with information to make them right. It will help you to improve your skills.

13. Don’t be shy to ask for a permanent position

If you think that you are worthy enough to join the company as a permanent employee, then go for it. Ask your boss to give you a permanent position. Surprise your boss and give him reasons that he cannot refuse. Show skills that he can’t deny. Remember, fortune always favours the one who is brave. After all, they can only say no.

Do you have any more tips for students wishing to turn their summer internship into a permanent job? Let us know in the comments below.

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Mary IsabaleHow to turn your summer internship into a permanent job

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