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Is your business a happy place to work?

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It’s often true that the happier employees are the more successful your company will be.  How can you ensure you are providing the best working environment for your team? There are many solutions you can look to introduce to the workplace to ensure your team is a happy and productive one. This article will investigate these options, from providing the correct praise, to building trust and ensuring your business has the right HR systems and processes.

Make work fulfilling

To have a happy workforce, you need to make sure your employees feel valued and, most importantly, that their work matters. As an employer, it’s important to understand the business, team structure, and how each member’s role is critical to the success of the company.

Build trust

Your employees will want to feel respected and trusted. If you can give more responsibility and micromanage less, your team will recognise that you’re confident in their abilities. Building trust creates a positive working environment and will increase workplace happiness.

Praise and recognition

Create a system to reward your team for the dedication and hard work. The rewards could vary from anything like an afternoon off to a free lunch. Make it tailored and get the team involved in choosing the rewards. Impromptu praise is also recommended, this could be public via a group email or a personal handwritten note. Either way, a written gesture will ensure the team member feels valued and it’s appreciated for their hard work.

Celebrate success

A working environment is much more enjoyable when you have good friends on your team. Having events that celebrate the company’s success or just for fun will encourage team members to connect on a personal level and build stronger working relationships.

Reward with good perks

Although bonuses and money can be rewarding, often employees enjoy perks and rewards. Perks are particularly highly regarded if they are shown to value quality of life, this demonstrates your company cares for its employees. Perks such as health care, childcare, and extra holidays are highly valued.

Support personal and professional development

If you can keep your employees feeling valued and supported, they will continue to grow and be happy at work, and therefore be productive. If an employee doesn’t feel they are being looked after well enough, that’s when they may start to drift, reduce their work rate, and even look to move elsewhere. Opportunities such as subsidising courses and learning are a great idea, allowing team members to improve skills. Or, you could launch clubs to encourage employees to mix and meet with other members of the company.

Encourage wellness and good health

A healthier workforce will be happier and more productive, so it’s important to encourage and improve the general wellbeing of your team. Whether that is through lunchtime yoga classes or walking groups, mental health talks, or healthy cooking, it’s important that your team feels supported in all aspects of their life.

Do you run a business or manage a team? Perhaps you have implemented one or more of the points above? Let us know how you’ve made your company a happier place to work.


Career CamelIs your business a happy place to work?

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