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Four jobs in jewellery and fashion which don’t need much experience

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The high-stakes world of jewellery and fashion can be difficult to break into. After all, top designers, models, and influencers typically wait years for their big break, if it ever comes at all. If you want to join this world, though, the good news is that there are other ways to get your foot in the door. To help you achieve your dreams, here are a few jobs in jewellery and fashion that don’t require much experience.

Retail employee

Though not as glamorous as some other positions, the end-sellers of jewellery and fashion are a vital link in the chain. If you have knowledge about the types of jewellery or fashion that can complement the tastes of specific individuals, then this can be a great place to get your start. As you work hard through the years, your good taste will be noticed and rewarded, potentially resulting in a job working on the design side of the operation.


If you have your ear to the ground and understand what’s hot in the world of fashion and jewellery, then a job as a supplier can be a great fit. Suppliers buy mass amounts of inventory to then sell to various retail outlets. Purchasers for body piercing jewellery suppliers, for example, should be familiar with the latest trends in body piercings and should understand changing consumer tastes. This will ensure that you purchase the correct amounts of inventory to help make your company successful.


To provide commentary on the jewellery and fashion world, a job as a blogger is a great place to start. If you provide thoughtful and enjoyable insights in your writing, readers will be quick to take notice. If you keep at it long enough, you could attract a devoted following that will purchase items based on your recommendations. By monetising these interactions, you could create a good living for yourself.


Though it’s perhaps once of the most difficult ways to get into the industry, working your way in as a freelancer has its merits. If you have an eye for design and have the confidence to make big moves, you can submit designs to various companies to see if you turn any heads. Of course, you can also open your own boutique locally in which you sell jewellery and clothing based on your designs. If you have the drive and determination, this could be a great way to make it big in the jewellery and fashion world.

As you read through these suggestions, you’ll likely notice that each option requires you to work toward your goal for many years to finally achieve what you set out to do. Patience and determination are crucial character traits to possess if you want to make it big in the industry. If you’re willing to stick with it, though, you will amaze yourself at what you’re able to accomplish.

Can you think of any other easy starter jobs in jewellery and fashion? Let us know in the comments below.

Brooke ChaplanFour jobs in jewellery and fashion which don’t need much experience

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